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4Com Foundation Helps Local Charity Shops Get Ready for Winter

The 4Com Foundation have announced their latest charitable activity; providing clothes donated by 4Com’s staff to three local charities to sell in their shops. The Foundation, which is coordinated by members of staff at 4Com, felt the donation was important as winter approaches and people may need cheaper clothing than would otherwise be available.

4Com staff have donated 12 sacks of clothing between three local charity shops in Ferndown; Lewis Manning Hospice Shop, Naomi House Children’s Hospice Shop, and Cancer Research Shop.

The sale of donated clothes is an important avenue of fundraising for charities, as well as potentially offering a cheaper clothing alternative to those who may not be able to afford regular high-street prices. Proceeds from the clothes sold will help fund the invaluable work the three charities conduct.

Dean Cartledge, Director and Head of the 4Com Foundation explained why this was an important part of the work the Foundation does, “Every year we donate large amounts of money to local charities for various projects, but small charitable acts like this are just as important. It doesn’t take long to check at home for any unwanted clothing which can be bought in to be donated, which could make a big difference to someone buying it in the store. Without donations of clothing and goods, charity shops wouldn’t be able to continue, but they are vital for bringing in income to support the work they do.

As always, I’m very proud of the staff at 4Com for their charitable donations, and I know each shop is delighted at the clothes coming their way.”

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