SafeWeb: Dark Web Protection from 4Com

4Com’s SafeWeb helps to protect you from misuse of your data. SafeWeb scans the Dark Web to see if your personal information such as e-mail addresses, passwords and credit card details have been exposed, and notifies you to take appropriate action.

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The Dark Web

The Dark Web:A Growing Problem

Did you know that 22 Billion new data records were added to the Dark Web in the past year? The result is an ever-increasing number of personal records being available to those who would seek to use them illegally for purposes such as Phishing e-mails, scam phone calls, and credit card fraud.

SafeWeb enables you to take appropriate action, such as changing passwords and other details, should you be alerted that your details are exposed.

How Does My Data Get to the Dark Web?

Data usually ends up on the Dark Web as a result of various types of hacks and phishing attacks. The Dark Web itself isn’t accessible via a normal search engine; it’s concealed space where data transactions occur.

Cybercriminals target both individuals and businesses, placing stolen data into it for use in illegal activities.

How Does My Data
How could the Dark Web

How could the Dark Web Effect You?

As the Dark Web is anonymous, it makes it an ideal place for cybercriminals who want to profit by buying and selling data. Your data is valuable; once compromised, cybercriminals can exploit it via identity theft and fraud.

Clearly, this could be a very serious problem for as long as it takes for you to re-secure your data, which is why being alerted to any breaches via SafeWeb is so valuable.

How Does SafeWeb Help?

SafeWeb’s Dark Web Monitoring performs enhanced searches of the Dark Web and notifies you if sensitive data is found, so that you can immediately take action to protect your data and business.

Our reports will give you suggestions of the best course of action to secure your data, such as changing usernames and passwords.

SafeWeb’s Dark Web Monitoring performs

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