How does Call Recording Work?

Whenever your company makes, or receives a phone call the software will automatically record it. This file is then stored on a database which is held on your premises and can be accessed via an application. You can then search this database on various fields such as number dialed, date of the call or even hour of the day.

Business phone system call recording

Legality of Use

For some businesses, particularly those regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), it is compulsory to record telephone calls. With our Call Recording package, you can save time by locating calls fast; simply search by extension number, phone number, or even date and time.

All calls are saved in universal file formats and can be sent by email easily. We also provide over 8000 hours of call memory which, for most companies, can last for years.

You should advise your callers that the conversation may be recorded though one of the following:

  • Deliver a pre-recorded message on your Auto Attendant (i.e. “Calls may be recorded for training and monitoring purposes”)
  • Publicise on your website – add it to the Privacy Policy
  • Include in your email disclaimer / footer
  • Include in company literature
Business phone call recording

Why should I use Call Recording?

Our Call Recording software enables you to automatically capture every phone conversation that takes place and allows you to instantly replay that call. Recordings can be saved to your CRM system to help improve sales and customer service performance. Call Recording also provides a valuable resource for delivering staff evaluation, training and development.

Call recording

Better Customer Service

Thanks to Call Recording you can listen back to calls and make sure you are providing your customers with the exact product or service they have requested. In short, this software helps to eradicate mistakes from phone conversations.

Improve Employee Performance

Another great practical use for Call Recording is to improve employee performance. For example, you can play calls back to your team to advise them on how they could better help a customer or improve their chances of making a sale.