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Record your phone calls for training and monitoring purposes with 4Com’s call recording software for business. Our easy to use call recording app ensures that your customer service and management teams can work cohesively to guarantee that the best possible experience is delivered through each and every interaction with customers, clients and colleagues.

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Our call recording app features

Our call recording software boasts a wide variety of features which allows your business to create its own unique approach to call recording.

Fully customisable
Whether you want automatic call recording of all calls, just incoming calls or just outgoing calls or only record calls to certain numbers or extensions, we’ve got you covered.
Call storage
Each business benefits from their own personalised cloud storage solution where they can save, play, manage or delete their call recordings.
Search functionality
Search your saved call recordings database by phone number, date, time and more to easily find the call you need.
CRM integration
Integrate our call recording software with your existing CRM system.
Support services
All 4Com customers benefit from our customer support services.

What is a Call Recording system?

A Call Recording system is exactly what it says – it enables you to record every telephone call in and out of your business. You can also retrieve, playback, store and share all your calls with Call Recording software.

Business phone system Call Recording
Business phone Call Recording

How does the Call Recording process work?

With 4Com’s Call Recording platform, you are in complete control.

When installed, the Call Recording software will automatically record any phone calls your company makes or receives in a digital audio file format. This file is then stored on your private cloud system, which can be accessed and replayed by authorised employees if and when they need it.

To find an exact Call Recording, use our portal to search for information such as the phone number, time and date of the call and the hour of the day you made the call. You can also set your preferences including whether you’d like all calls to be recorded or just incoming or outgoing calls. You can also select certain extensions to be recorded and set the amount of time you’d like to keep your recordings.

What software is there to record phone calls?

We use one of industry-leading software for our Call Recording administration.

Like you, we sometimes need to know exactly what was said on a call. Call Recording means you can be sure that you have a reliable record of all internal and external conversations.

Call Recording

Which companies use Call Recording?

It is compulsory for some businesses to record phone calls, such as those regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority).

Many other companies use Call Recording software, especially those that handle customer data and sensitive information on a daily basis.

When Call Recording, it is important to remember that you must advise the caller that your conversation may be recorded. You can add this to your company’s privacy policy statement or email footer, but the easiest method is to add a pre-recorded message on your company’s business phone.

How much does it cost to set up Call Recording?

Due to the unique nature of each business, we cannot put a set price on how much Call Recording will cost to set up.

The cost of Call Recording will depend on the needs of your business, which software packages would be helpful to you and a number of other factors, such as the volume of calls you need to record and the number of lines you need.

How long is the installation process?

Installing Call Recording will be carried out as part of the overall installation of your new phone system. This means we can install all the products in one stream, so adding Call Recording on to your chosen software requirements won’t incur any additional installation time. If you’d like further information on how Call Recording could work for your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.

Which types of phones have Call Recording?

4Com’s call recording software can be used with a wide variety of office phones, from VoIP phone systems to analogue phones. It works to the extension level, so regardless of whether you’re using HiHi, a Yealink phone, a Samsung phone or a headset, you’ll be able to have your calls recorded.

Why is Call Recording beneficial?

Providing a valuable resource for delivering staff evaluations, training and development, there is little more beneficial than Call Recording for businesses.

Work in a customer facing role? Call Recording software can help you improve customer service. How? Having the ability to record and listen back to a specific phone call helps to clear up any miscommunication and ensures that you are delivering the exact product or service that your customer expects.

Call Recording software can also help to improve employee performance. As all phone calls with customers are recorded and can be played back, this serves as a valuable and cost-free training tool.

You can use the phone call recording function to advise employees on how they can better help a customer or improve their chances of making a sale. Plus, recording a phone call means employees can replay and access any vital customer information in case they have forgotten anything.

Call recording FAQs

Can a business record calls without consent?

Businesses do not need consent to record phone calls, however, when using call recording, businesses must make the caller aware that they are being recorded at the start of the phone call. This is a legal requirement. The caller can then choose whether or not they want to continue the call. Call recordings cannot be publicised or shared with third parties without the consent of the person being recorded.

Can a customer request call recordings under GDPR?

Yes, customers can request a copy of their recorded phone call under GDPR rules and regulations. Businesses are obliged to provide a copy of the phone call within 30 days of the customer asking for it.

Why are calls recorded for quality assurance?

Recording calls for quality assurance is a great way for businesses to ensure that their employees are providing the highest standards of customer service. Business owners can use call recordings to ensure that their customer service team are working in a consistent manner and can help to develop the businesses overall approach to call handling.

Where are call recordings saved?

With 4Com’s call recording software, voice recordings are saved within a personalised cloud system for each business.

Contact our friendly customer service team to learn all about 4Com’s call recorder software.

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