4Com Listed in London Stock Exchange’s 1,000 Companies to Inspire Britain

4Com has been picked by the London Stock Exchange as part of the top 1,000 companies to inspire Britain.

4Com are mentioned in a landmark report that identifies some of the UK’s most exciting and dynamic small and medium-sized enterprises.

The Stock Exchange Group began this research project six months ago, with the aim to bring to life what they knew instinctively to be true, that SME companies are the lifeblood of the UK economy.  (London Stock Exchange press release)

The term SME describes a very broad church of businesses, from the high-street greengrocer to the high-tech manufacturer and exporter.  Within this group of more than 4.5million UK companies there is an exciting subset of fast-growing dynamic businesses.  These ‘gazelle’ companies, as the CBI calls them, or the ‘vital six per cent’, as think-tank Nesta describes them, are of exceptional importance to UK economic growth and job creation.

Gary Scutt, CEO of 4Com, was delighted with the achievement: “It’s great to see that 4Com are not only in the top ‘six per cent’ of estimated 1.4million SME companies in Britain, we are in the top 1,000; a brilliant achievement by everyone!”

4Com’s chairman, Darron Hutt recorded the following video as a thank you to staff for their hard work.