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Upgrade Your Business Phone System in 2020

Upgrading to VoIP is a sure-fire way to streamline your business phone system – whether you’re a large corporation with complex communications needs, or a small company with a more modest setup. There’s a whole host of benefits to be had when you switch from traditional analogue line-based phone systems to a VoIP system, like … Continued

What the #£@$%& did you say?

Let’s say you’re already having a tough day at work and then your team gets told some more bad news. Or, perhaps you’ve all been told you’ll need to work late to hit a hard deadline. How do your colleagues react? Do they let out a series of loud expletives, or do they bury their … Continued

Do you have an office pet peeve?

From colleagues heating fish in the communal microwave, to not filling the printer with paper and singing out loud ever so loudly – what REALLY annoys office workers? We recently surveyed UK office workers to determine the habits that really get under their skin and found that colleagues eating smelly food in the office, for … Continued

Video Conferencing – What is it and what are the advantages?

Video communication is on the rise globally with Apps like FaceTime and Skype alongside products like HiHi becoming the norm in both businesses and homes; most people are comfortable with the idea of using video to talk face-to-face.  Video conferencing, however, is still something of a grey area for many, which is why this blog … Continued

Do you commit these phone faux pas?

When Alexander Graham Bell, often credited as the inventor of the modern telephone, made his first call, he probably had no idea that one day, most people would carry a version of his device in their pockets everywhere they go. He probably also had no idea how annoying it can be when you’re speaking to … Continued