What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, and thanks to ever-improving broadband speeds across the UK, it’s currently one of the fastest growing areas in telecoms.

Phone calls are made and received by travelling over an internet connection, but that’s where the differences on the calls side end; it’s a new, faster, potentially cheaper way of making business phone calls. There are some details about the more technical side of VoIP available in the next section.

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How does VoIP work at 4Com?

HiHi, the revolutionary phone system available from us here at 4Com is a fantastic example of VoIP at its best.
We’ll use a dedicated broadband line for your calls, including video calls, but before the call even reaches you there’s plenty going on behind the scenes. It all happens in a matter of milliseconds, but the process is as follows:

  • A member of your business will dial a number (perhaps of a client or a colleague) in the same way as you would on a traditional phone.
  • This call is then routed by a Softswitch, housed inside our data centres across London.
  • The switch will route your call, establishing the validity of the number and checking if the line is available.
  • If the line is free, your recipient will hear their phone ringing. Once they pick up, the call will begin.

In short, the call works in a very similar way to traditional analogue calls, except now the signals are being passed digitally using various switches. To ensure you can connect as quickly as possible, and to prevent interruptions, Softswitches are held in multiple locations.

Is VoIP cost-efficient?

Faster than a traditional network, you might assume that switching to VoIP will be an expensive process, especially with the software that you’d expect from a leading VoIP provider. However, low-cost calls are one of the major benefits of VoIP making this an extremely cost-efficient upgrade.

These savings on call costs, and those we can make you in other areas, help us to fund the system as a whole, meaning that we can often provide your with a brand new HiHi VoIP system at little or no extra cost to your business. That means you’ll be able to enjoy all the software benefits, such as enhanced Call Recording, Reporting and On Hold Marketing, for potentially very little outlay.

Is VoIP suitable for my business?

VoIP enables fantastic phone systems and is suitable for a huge range of businesses across almost every industry.
As well as calls being cheaper than those from a traditional phone network, VoIP also offers a huge amount of flexibility for businesses. Easy to scale up or down, you can adjust your VoIP package to suit your company.

Let’s say you experience sudden growth, and over a short period of time find yourself with a lot of new staff members. There’s no need to panic. Thanks to VoIP, it’s easy for us to provide additional handsets when you’re ready to expand. If needs be, we can also install additional broadband lines to improve the number of concurrent calls you can make.

Disruption will be kept to a minimum; with 4Com all you need to do is get in touch with our team and we’ll quickly make any necessary adjustments, installing extra equipment as fast as possible.

You’ll find a bunch of extra features available with VoIP phone systems too. This will vary depending on what VoIP system you choose, and which provider you select, but those with our revolutionary HiHi phone system can look forward to a bunch of beneficial features designed to make your working day even easier. Examples include call recording, call reporting, call hold and so much more

Switching to VoIP with 4Com

Switching to VoIP at 4Com is a smooth process, and our services will always be completely tailored to you.

There are no fixed costs or set prices available for our VoIP phone systems, and this is to ensure you don’t end up paying more for something you don’t need. Instead, we’ll take the time to meet with you and assess the needs of your business. We take every factor into consideration, right down to the number of calls you make, and once you’re happy we’ll begin our two-step installation process.

Our trained team will visit your workspace to provide training for your new phones and software, which will be installed initially alongside your old system. You’ll have time to get used to VoIP, before our engineers return to completely switch you over to our network.

Discover more about our HiHi phone system, or get in touch with a member of our team to begin making the switch to VoIP today.

Carseld Care
Carseld Care
12:38 21 Dec 18
I would just like to review David Perry who came to finish the insulation of the new phone system today. I would like to say that David was very pleasant and very helpful in everything he did, this was included in the demonstration of the new phone system. Also said if any problems to email or contact him for further information. Very pleased with the outcome I would recommend David to all customersread more
Benchmark FF & E Solutions
Benchmark FF & E Solutions
09:20 20 Dec 18
Pleased to say we upgraded the old system to HiHi and are awaiting the final part. New handsets look very modern. Thanks Tom Perkins for making the process easy with no disruptions.Hannahread more
George Proud
George Proud
10:29 18 Dec 18
I just wanted to take the time to write a review for David who assisted in setting up our telephone system, his efforts to make sure everything was best for us were brilliant. His knowledge on the technology was also very helpful he was able to answer any questions provided. I would recommend David's service's to anyone looking to get the 4com telephone system.read more
Paul Chambers
Paul Chambers
10:57 13 Dec 18
Joshua was very patient and familiar with my mobile phone type Huawei certainly more so than I was. He had tested loading the connection with passwords , user name so was able to guide me through it , efficiently..He also reviewed a loads program on my link computer that gives access to the phone server.Many thanksread more
Darbys Accountancy
Darbys Accountancy
20:53 10 Dec 18
We moved all of our communications to our new offices today and were very happy with Dexter Francis, He had our Phones and Internet back up and working before 10am. All necessary services were installed prior to our move date... It was a lot less disruptive to our day to day workings than we imagined it . Great work, Thanks to all involved.read more
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