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VoIP telephony is one of the fastest growing areas in telecoms thanks to faster broadband speeds and improved reliability. VoIP allows for a greater array of services, which we will unpack below.

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What is VoIP?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) provides the ability to make and receive calls digitally over an internet connection. Calls between VoIP and the analogue network are made possible by equipment (such as Media Gateways) creating connections between them.

VoIP is a popular choice for both large and small businesses, as they allow users to join calls from multiple devices – such as smartphones and business phones– and are also extremely scalable, meaning you can add lines to the service very easily. VoIP calling can reduce call charges, especially if long distance or international calls take place regularly within your business, and can provide a number of new communication features, while also requiring less manual maintenance.

Using VoIP, you still simply dial the number you wish to call as you would with a traditional phone.  The VoIP system we provide is hosted, meaning the PBX element is held in a secure data centre.

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Is VoIP cost-efficient?

Faster than a traditional network, you might assume that switching to VoIP will be an expensive process, especially with the software that you’d expect from a leading VoIP provider. However, low-cost calls are one of the major benefits of VoIP, making this an extremely cost-efficient upgrade. These savings on call costs, and those we can make you in other areas, help us to fund the system as a whole, meaning that we can often provide your with a brand new HiHi VoIP system. That means you’ll be able to enjoy all the software benefits, such as enhanced Call Recording, Reporting and On Hold Marketing, for potentially very little outlay.

Benefits of VoIP for business

VoIP phone calls and their related services are usually cheaper than their traditional counter parts on a like-for-like basis.
Cloud-based VoIP systems are easier to scale, as they can be provisioned remotely with the equipment sent directly to you.
VoIP systems are usually far easier and quicker to set up, meaning you could save on engineering fees. They also tend to be easier to use.
VoIP services, particularly those based in the cloud, have access to a wide range of additional services such as Call Recording and On Hold Marketing.
Video services, such as those available using HiHi3 handsets, are available using VoIP. This also allows for video-based support.

Google reviews

We’re proud to be rated 4.7 out of 5 on Google, the highest in our industry among those with over 1000 reviews! Take a look below at just some of the great feedback we’ve received from our customers.

Patricia Pallister
08:12 20 Jan 22
Fabulous Service. Gareth Owen, set my mind at rest with regards the issues we were having with our Hi Hi. He was professional, knowledgeable and nothing was to much trouble for him. I am certainly not technical minded and the patience he showed was second to none. Thank you Gareth and thank you 4 Com. 10/10read more
James Smith
12:29 19 Jan 22
Kieren came out and completed the installation and carried out training successfully. Very helpful service and assistance. Phone working to its full capacity and good understanding of how to use it through the training provided.Smith and Son Heavy Equipment Engineers Ltdread more
Sarah Reindl
13:26 07 Dec 21
We had our upgrade fitted today. Our experience with Tom the engineer today, has been far better than previously experienced. The training has been clear and understanding, helping us to set up our app for our out of office calls. It has been a first class service from him and would like to thank Tom for his knowledgeable service today.Saracen fire protectionread more
Deborah Mountain
16:10 03 Dec 21
Fantastic service from start to finish. Amazing product installed quickly and professionally. Ben who did our installation was very helpful friendly nothing was too much trouble explained how the system worked and answered all our questions, would highly recommend.read more
Barry Palmer
12:21 17 Mar 20
We purchased our new phone system from 4 Com and have been very impressed with the quality of work, equipment and the professionalism of the two engineers who handled the installation. Ben Levesley and David Perry were thorough in the training they gave and no question was too stupidread more

Is VoIP suitable for my business?

VoIP unlocks a wide range of phone system possibilities and is suitable for businesses across almost every industry. As well as lowering the cost per call versus a traditional phone network, VoIP also offers a huge amount of flexibility for businesses. As VoIP is relatively easy to scale up or down, you can adjust your VoIP package to suit your company.

Let’s say you experience sudden growth and over a short period of time find yourself with a lot of new staff members. There’s no need to panic. Thanks to VoIP, it’s easy for us to provide additional handsets when you’re ready to expand. If needs be, we can also install additional broadband lines to improve the number of concurrent calls you can make.

Disruption will be kept to a minimum; with 4Com all you need to do is get in touch with our team and we’ll quickly make any necessary adjustments, installing extra equipment in the shortest possible time.

You’ll find a lot of extra features available with VoIP phone systems, too. This will vary depending on what VoIP system you choose, and which provider you select, but those with our revolutionary HiHi3 phone system can look forward to a range of beneficial features designed to make your working day even easier. Examples include Call Recording, Call Reporting, On Hold Marketing and many more.

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VoIP system options

An on-premise PBX system which utilises traditional PSTN networks for calls
Samsung PBX
HiHi on
Fibre Line
Cloud-based, easily scalable system with dedicated fibre line ensuring call quality
HiHi on Fibre Line
HiHi on
Leased Line
Cloud-based system with dedicated leased line for high volume video calling & broadband
HiHi on Fibre Line
Available products
Samsung i5210
Samsung i6011
HiHi Connect
HiHi There
HiHi Connect
HiHi There
Number of users
3-10 3-100 100+
Suitable for
Single office, rural locations SME’s looking for flexible communication Large enterprises with high bandwidth requirements
Mobile apps

HiHi Connect & HiHi There for Unified Communication HiHi Connect & HiHi There for Unified Communication
Plug & play scaling

Video Support

Headset Compatiblity

Support & maintenance
24/7 Fault reporting
With 24-hour support option
24/7 Fault reporting
With 24-hour support option
24/7 Fault reporting
With 24-hour support option
None OTA Software Updates as standard OTA Software Updates as standard
Geographic & Non-geographic numbers

Call recording

Call reporting

On-hold marketing

Switching to VoIP with 4Com

Switching to VoIP at 4Com is a smooth process, and our services will always be completely tailored to you.
There are no fixed costs or set prices available for our VoIP phone systems, and this is to ensure you don’t end up paying more for something you don’t need. Instead, we’ll take the time to meet with you and assess the needs of your business. We take every factor into consideration, right down to the number of calls you make, and once you’re happy we’ll begin our two-step installation process.
Our trained team will visit your office to provide training for your new phones and software, which will be installed initially alongside your old system. This allows you to have time to fully learn about your new system while we go about switching over your existing services to us and setting up any new ones.
Once the changeover is complete and services have been provisioned, we’ll complete your installation. In some cases, this will require a second engineering visit, but in others we can make the necessary changes remotely. Your Customer Project Partner will be in regular contact hand to advise which installation is most appropriate for your business.

FAQsAnswers to some of our most commonly asked questions…

Thanks to the savings we make in areas such as calls, lines, mobiles and broadband, we can often fund a brand new phone system featuring industry leading HiHi3.

If your business is looking for VoIP services, then it is sensible to look for a reputable VoIP service provider to help you. This provider will be able to use their expertise to create a system which is perfectly suited to your needs.

A VoIP phone is just like any other traditional desk phone and will normally operate in the same way. The key difference is how your phone calls travel across the network; with VoIP this is done via an Internet connection instead of the traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). VoIP phones will often have a greater array of functionality than their traditional counterparts, such as HiHi3’s video capability.

VoIP call charges will vary from one provider to another but long distance calls are usually far cheaper on VoIP networks than on the PSTN.

If you wish to use your regular phone with a VoIP network, you would need a special adapter. We don’t recommend this as we find the functionality of devices such as HiHi3 far outweigh that of their older counterparts.

VoIP is used to make telephony calls using an internet connection. Previously phone calls travelled over dedicated infrastructure, but with advances in technology, it is now possible to use the internet instead, increasing the range of additional features available while at the same time lowering costs.

VoIP Phones are now extremely common in businesses across the UK. As they often look similar to traditional phones, you may not even know a business is using a VoIP phone when you see them.

We recommend utilising the latest VoIP phones, such as HiHi3 so that you can take advantages of the latest features they offer, such as video calling and video support.

Yes, there are a wide range of cordless phones which are compatible with VoIP services, such as those from Yealink and Samsung.

VoIP systems have become increasingly reliable in recent years, especially since the arrival of fibre networks. Former issues such as packet loss have now largely been eradicated in most reputable VoIP networks.

There are very few disadvantages to VoIP, but call quality and reliability can be an issue with less reputable providers. It’s best to go with an established VoIP provider with a track record of good reliability.

The quality of a VoIP call is the same, if not better, than that through traditional phone lines. VoIP simply requires a reliable internet connection to maintain call quality, which is something that will be assessed by our 4Com experts if you choose to have the system fitted.

Yes, it is possible to keep your existing business phone number when you make the switch to VoIP – this process is done between phone providers, so we’ll take care of everything for you.

Making a VoIP call is just as simple as making a call through traditional phone lines. Simply use your VoIP device to dial into a call as you usually would, and the call is connected through your internet connection.

SIP stands for ‘session initiation protocol’, and SIP trunking is essentially the protocol which allows telephone systems to communicate within a network via an internet connection, rather than traditional phone lines. SIP allows VoIP calls to commence within businesses, as it begins the process which allows voice and other data to be transmitted between devices.

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