4Com Reach Major Milestone with 100,000th HiHi Handset Sold

4Com, a leading provider of business telephone systems, has today announced that they have sold their 100,000th HiHi Handset. This is an incredible feat for the Platinum Resellers of the HiHi business phone, with the phone first launching just 8 years ago. 4Com has since seen the HiHi phone go from strength to strength with the company now providing its third model, HiHi3.

Gary Scutt, 4Com’s Chief Executive Officer, comments, “This is a proud moment for us all. Just 12 years ago, the idea of the HiHi deskphone didn’t even exist, so to announce that we have just sold our 100,000th handset is incredible. As Premium Resellers of HiHi, we see first-hand the hard work, time and dedication that goes into developing these phones. Every time a new model is launched, I think it’s the best phone on the market and then HiHi introduce the next model that is even better!”

The HiHi journey started in 2011 after years of listening to frustrations of business phone users and providers who, like 4Com, were fed up with the traditional deskphones and wanted something new and innovative. This is where HiHi saw an opportunity to develop a product that would be the answer to all the issues that users were facing, while bringing something new to the business phone market.

After 4 years of research and development, the HiHi1 business phone was created and given to a select number of users in 2015, with the main market launch following a year later. Designed and developed in the UK, HiHi1 was offered as part of 4Com’s VoIP phone systems, providing companies with a revolutionary cloud-based deskphone as well as a system which is faster, more reliable, and easily scalable. The HiHi1 deskphone set the bar high for future VoIP phones, yet in 2019 this was surpassed with HiHi2.

HiHi2 proved to be even more successful, with an upgraded Operating System and advanced processor as well as improvements to make the product more accessible and versatile, with a detachable tablet and access to the Google Play Store. This was the biggest innovation that anyone had seen in the deskphone market to date.

Today the HiHi3, which was launched in 2021, is the latest HiHi deskphone in the market and comes with a wide range of features including excellent audio and built- in video calling technology. HiHi3 prides itself on being more than just a deskphone and along with the suite of apps you can download from the Google Play Store, also provides mobile apps such as HiHi Connect 2, which allows users to replicate their deskphone on their mobile and keep their personal number private. Customers can also purchase additional services such as HiHi On-Hold Marketing, Call Reporting and Call Recording. As a phone that stands head and shoulders above everything else in the market and is constantly improving, 4Com look forward to following HiHi’s journey.

Dean Cartledge, 4Com’s Chief Operating Officer, states, “To have hit such an outstanding milestone of selling 100,000 HiHi Handsets is phenomenal. We pride ourselves on having an amazing workforce behind us; they have truly outdone themselves and should be proud of this huge accomplishment.”

Ro Irving, 4Com’s Chief Technical Officer, explains “I’m lucky enough to have been a part of the development of HiHi from the very beginning when the idea was first introduced. To see how far HiHi have come over the past 12 years is amazing and to hear that 4Com have now sold 100,000 Handsets is remarkable. The hard work of both the HiHi and 4Com teams has truly paid off!”

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