Voicemail Systems for Business

Out of all the software available at 4Com, voicemail is likely to be the one you're most familiar with. However, our voicemail services are different, offering a huge range of innovative functions designed to improve the way your business operates every single day.

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Why does your business need voicemail?

When things get busy, you can’t always be close to your work phone to pick up every incoming call. Whether you’re out of office, in a meeting or working on a difficult task when the phone rings, it’s great to know there’s a system in place to communicate with your client or customers in your absence.

Voicemail is vital, and alongside recording and storing messages left by callers, voicemail software designed specifically for businesses can do so much more. Explore what 4Com voicemail software can do for your business below:

Voicemail at 4Com

At 4Com, our voicemail software is jam-packed full of features to help the day-to-day become more manageable for your staff. It’s designed to ensure that you never leave a customer in the dark about when you’ll get back in touch and to help you strengthen relationships with clients and other stakeholders .

Call Forwarding

Know that you’re going to be away from your desk? Enable our call forwarding feature within our voicemail application and offer a more personal touch. Instead of leaving your caller to speak with a machine you’ll be able to immediately pass the call on to a colleague, no matter where they are in the world.

Call Transfer

Have you had a customer on the line asking for a specific member of staff? Call transfer ensures they can always be reached. Redirect the call in seconds, and transfer your caller to another office phone, mobile or even a home number for colleagues working remotely.

Auto-attendant System

At 4Com, our auto-attendant system intelligently helps callers to reach the right people. Instead of leaving a message, your callers will be referred to the most appropriate team member or department within your business. Helping queries and questions to be answered quicker, auto-attendant ensures a call will never be left unanswered.

Voicemail Choices

Reduce the chance of your callers hanging up by utilising the voicemail choices available from 4Com. When you can’t get to the phone, our system will present your caller with three options – providing them with a choice to do what’s best for them.

Callers can choose to wait on the line, dial another extension to help them get in touch with a different team member or, alternatively, leave a message for you. These voicemail choices put the ball in their court, helping them to make the most of their time.