Call Forwarding

Sometimes, the personal touch is best, which is why we offer Call Forwarding as part of the overall Voicemail application; so that your office calls will never be unanswered. Calls can be forwarded immediately to any other phone in the world.

Transferring Calls

If a customer calls in for someone specifically, call transfer ensures they can always reach them. Whether a colleague is working from home or away from the office, calls can easily be transferred to them directly.

Email Notification

One of the advances in Voicemail applications in recent years has been the ability to notify you of new voicemail messages via e-mail and deliver them straight to your e-mails.  That way, even if you can’t dial into your desk phone, you can still listen to any important messages that may have been left for you.


An auto-attendant system helps to ensure that customers always reach who they need to.  Rather than having someone leave a voicemail you can refer them directly to a member of staff or a department.

Voicemail Options

Giving the caller numerous options reduces the chances of them simply hanging up. With our system they have a choice;  they can wait for the right person to answer the call, dial an alternative extension or alternatively leave a message.

Answer Every Call

Part of the system is an automated answering service that lets callers know they have reached the right place whilst the call is waiting to be answered.