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Business Relocations

As your telecoms provider, 4Com can arrange the relocation of your telephone system, broadband and line services if you are looking to relocate offices.

In preparation for your relocation, we will provide a survey of your new premises, which includes checks of the existing network infrastructure to ensure viability with your current system. Currently, the lead time for a full relocation is 6 – 8 weeks, but this is dependent on the complexity of your products and services.

Find out more about 4Com, the UK’s leading provider of business phone systems, including VoIP phone systemsoffice phones and mobile phones for business, on our About Us page.

If you are looking to discuss your business relocation with us, please complete the form below, including as much information as possible.

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    What services will 4Com arrange to be relocated?

    4Com will arrange the relocation of your telephone system equipment and line services. Cabling, data and specialised router installation will require the service of your IT Support company. Please note that for customers that do not have their line and broadband services with 4Com, you will be required to make separate and direct contact with your line provider to arrange this part of the move.

    Will I have a dedicated Project Manager to assist with the relocation?

    Following our initial quotation, on acceptance of the provisional costs, you will be assigned a dedicated Customer Project Partner who will act as your main point of contact and will provide you with updates regarding dates, intended installation and any support relating to the move.

    What is the typical notice or lead time required to relocate my telephone services?
    This is dependent on how complex your products and services are, appointment availability and the work required in the premises you are moving to. The current lead time for a full relocation is 6-8 weeks, but this may be subject to change following the outcome of a survey and assessment of appointment availability. We will advise you at the time if your intended date is achievable.
    Is it advisable for me to check the availability of fibre and ADSL speeds at my new premises?

    Please note that even when moving within a short distance of your existing telephone network, your existing fibre of ADSL speeds could be greatly affected. It is therefore recommended to speak to your Customer Project Partner in advance of your move who will be able to carry out a speed availability check for you.

    Will there be a cost for relocating my services?

    The cost will depend on what services you are currently contracted to 4Com for and what services you require to be installed at your new premises and whether or not your existing number is retainable. We will provide you with a full quotation once we have received confirmation of your intended move date and post code.

    Does my IT Support company need to be aware of your planned relocation?

    Due to the complexity of some customer networks, we would recommend that you contact your IT Support company in advance of the move. Your Customer Project Partner will be on hand should you wish to arrange contact to qualify any specific requirements.

    Does the cost to move include a survey of our new premises?

    With regards to the equipment, part of the relocation service includes a survey, so we will arrange this at a time convenient to you when you have access to the new premises. The survey will be to determine that the new premises is ready for us to install the system, and if not, what will be required to get the premises prepared.

    What happens if I need to change the date of our scheduled move?

    Please be aware that any amendments to your intended line or system relocation date, where a BT or 4Com engineer has been booked, will be chargeable.

    Is it possible to retain my existing business number?

    If you have got one of our hosted or SIP platforms, no problem, you can take your numbers wherever you go. For fixed line customers, if you’re moving within the areas covered by your existing telephone exchange, it should be possible to retain your existing number. You can take 0800, 0845 and telemarketing numbers with you wherever you move in the UK.

    If you’re moving out of the area covered by your existing telephone exchange but want to keep your existing number, we can arrange for your old number to be redirected for an additional fee and will provide you with both short-term and long-term options as part of our quotation.
    What happens if our plans change and I need to amend or cancel the relocation?

    Please note that any cancellation or amendment to the date of your line installation which is received within 48 hours of the booked date will result in the full installation fee being chargeable and 50% of the cost of engineering.

    Any amendments or cancellations outside of 48 hours will be charged at a cost of £30 per line.

    As part of your order, you will be required to pay a 50% deposit against the cost of the move which will be non-refundable in the event of a full cancellation.