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Phone hacking is on the rise in the UK, continuing to cause financial problems for many UK SMEs. 4Com Anti-Fraud Protection, provides insurance against this activity.

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What is phone hackingand how does it work?

Phone hacking is a type of fraud which is costing businesses millions of pounds; the police are calling it “dial through fraud”. Criminals hack into phone systems and then steal money by either selling the phone lines to other people to make calls or by making repeated calls to premium rate phone lines overseas.

These calls are, unfortunately, charged back your account, leaving you with a potentially hefty bill for calls you didn’t make. That’s where Anti-Fraud Protection comes in.

How big of a problemis phone hacking?

Unfortunately, phone hacking is already a common occurrence, and is only growing. Even back in 2013, Radio 4 reported that hacking cost UK Businesses £1.2 billion. Over 40% of UK businesses have reported being impacted by some kind of phone hacking.

One victim reported that criminals had hacked into their system and re-routed calls to another number, which was then sold using telephone cards purchased on the street. Over 2,400 calls were made to Cuba over one weekend costing him thousands of pounds.

What is being doneto protect businesses?

The telecoms regulator, Ofcom has advised companies to take steps to make their lines secure and is constantly working with trading associations asking them to update their advice to businesses about protecting their phone lines.

This form of hacking is advancing all the time and research shows that most businesses will not be aware they have fallen victim to fraudulent activity until they receive their monthly phone bill. That’s why we provide Anti-Fraud Protection to our customers

What is 4Com’sFraud Protection?

Our Anti-Fraud service provides protection from Telephony Fraud losses for up to £10,000 in any one calendar month, providing you with peace of mind from unforeseen bills at a cost of only £4.79 per month per line (for simplification, this is billed as a package).

Alongside this protection, we closely monitor phone lines to ensure any suspicious activity is reported quickly, thereby continuing to put our customers interests first.

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