How to Use Your Phone System to Take Advantage of Collaboration Opportunities

There’s no doubting the fact that the SME sector makes a huge contribution to the UK economy, with the FSBs latest figures showing that SMEs account for over 48% of private sector productivity. Of course, being a small-medium sized business has its challenges, one of the main ones being the availability of expertise in every required area.  One way that businesses in the SME sector can alleviate this difficulty is by collaborating with other businesses.  Collaboration, whilst clearly beneficial, can be difficult, particularly in terms of communication between both parties if they are not in the same building.  We’ve helped a number of businesses work more effectively with their peers by providing a feature-rich business telephone system, so with that in mind here are two ways a modern phone system can help you collaborate more effectively.

1. Call Recording

If you’re going to be collaborating, accuracy is everything. Call recording can help your accuracy levels by giving you a reference point in the event that you are unsure whether you recorded all the details of a call correctly.  In the event of a disagreement about a previous conversation, call recording also gives you the ability to clarify and resolve any issues by listening to the original telephone conversation.

2. Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) is one of the most relationship enhancing elements of a business telephone system. We’re all familiar with the caller’s name appearing on our mobile and desk phones if we have them set up correctly, but CTI takes this a stage further. With CTI, when an existing collaborator calls you, their database record will automatically appear on your screen, giving you visibility of information on previous conversations and projects you may be working on together. This saves you a lot of time in searching for information and makes the relationship between collaborators far more simple than would otherwise be the case.

If your current business phone system doesn’t provide you with these collaboration enhancing features, we’d be happy to talk to you about providing you with a new system whilst saving you money at the same time.  Why not see if we can lower your telecoms costs? Click here to see if we can help you.