Author: Matt Watts

Upgrade Your Business Phone System in 2020

Upgrading to VoIP is a sure-fire way to streamline your business phone system – whether you’re a large corporation with complex communications needs, or a small company with a more modest setup. There’s a whole host of benefits to be had when you switch from traditional analogue line-based phone systems to a VoIP system, like … Continued

What the #£@$%& did you say?

Let’s say you’re already having a tough day at work and then your team gets told some more bad news. Or, perhaps you’ve all been told you’ll need to work late to hit a hard deadline. How do your colleagues react? Do they let out a series of loud expletives, or do they bury their … Continued

Using HiHi Connect

HiHi Connect allows you to use your mobile as an extension of your HiHi2. If you’re away from your desk when your HiHi2 rings, you can simply answer the call on your HiHi Connect app on your mobile, which also offers video calling functionality. HiHi Connect uses your HiHi2’s features, so you can use your … Continued

Our Favourite Apps

HiHi2 gives you access to the Google Play Store, allowing you to download and install a range of third-party apps on your tablet. With remote working on the rise, helping to bridge the gap between work and home by using specific apps can increase productivity, communication and flexibility. With access to a world of apps, … Continued

4Com Technologies Ltd

We are delighted to announce that our company name has changed from 4Com PLC to 4Com Technologies Ltd. Rebranding the company is reflective of our evolution from a telecoms reseller to a technology company delivering Unified Communications. As part of the company rebranding, we have modified our logo which you will now start to see … Continued

Software Updates on HiHi2

We’re pleased to inform you that a new software update is now ready to be installed onto your HiHi2 phone. This update has been published by HiHi, who are always working hard to improve their products for users. This version includes some important system updates and improvements and is recommended for all HiHi2 users. Please … Continued