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Here at 4Com, we understand that no two businesses are the same. This is why every single customer's journey with us is unique, and we'll be here from day one to help you select the phones or phone system that's absolutely perfect for you.

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Helping You Choose
The Perfect Office Phones

Before you go ahead and select a phone or phone system with us, it’s vital that we meet with you and get to know your office set-up first. This way we can identify the features of your existing phone system (if you have one) that you’re happy with and highlight areas to improve.

This might include suggesting headsets for your receptionists or moving you from a traditional PSTN service to the cloud-based VoIP system, HiHi.

After we’ve completed an assessment, our consultant will put together a tailored proposal for you. It may include one, or several, of the office phone types listed below and, once you’re happy, we’ll then get the ball rolling and begin the installation process for you.

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Office Phones Available from 4Com

At 4Com, you’ll be able to choose between three main types of office phone. The advanced HiHi2 phone, the Samsung DECT phone or helpful, handy headsets, created by Sennheiser, Plantronics and Jabra.

HiHi2 Phones

We’re proud to be a platinum HiHi2 reseller; a phone which is helping to revolutionise the way businesses in the UK communicate. HiHi2 combines a highly usable touch-screen interface with video call capability to get more out of your business conversations.


If your business has employees who make a lot of calls or need to use their hands while on a call, then headsets are a great option. We provide a range of headsets from the likes of Sennheiser, Plantronics and Jabra, all of which are compatible with HiHi2.

DECT Phones

DECT phones are essentially cordless phones with a defined range of use, which means you can take them with you if you need to be contactable while away from your desk. DECT handsets are often popular in factory settings for this reason.

HiHi2 Phones

Introducing HiHi2, the revolutionary cloud-based phone. Any calls you make will travel directly over a dedicated broadband line, offering superb call quality without any interruptions.

HiHi2 is also compatible with a range of headsets, including the ranges from Sennheiser, Plantronics and Jabra that we offer.

Say Hello to HiHi2

For many of our HiHi2 customers, choosing this phone means you’ll no longer need a PBX on site and you can look forward to quicker, more reliable phone calls.

HiHi2 is packed with features designed to make your business run smoothly , and they’ll work brilliantly across a wide range of industries.

Alongside high-resolution video calling you’ll have a customisable home screen where you can quickly access your favourite contacts and applications alongside having a speedy Direct Transfer and an option to personalise your voicemail greeting.

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Some of HiHi2’s other features include:


We believe that there is so much more to communication than just the words we use, which is why we love HiHi2’s video calling capability. Thanks to video calling, we’re also among the first in the UK telecoms industry to be offering video support as standard.

HiHi Connect mobile app

As business increasingly happens on the move, HiHi2 comes with HiHi Connect: a mobile application that allows you to use your mobile as an extension of your office phone system. When you call from HiHi Connect to an outside contact, it’ll appear to them that you’re calling from your normal phone.

HiHi There mobile app

The team at HiHi believe in video communication, which is why they offer HiHi There: a mobile application that allows your customers, suppliers and other stakeholders to call you and use video, even if they don’t have HiHi2 themselves.

Visual Voicemail & other apps

HiHi2 has been designed to bring business communication into the 21st century, which includes many of the applications you use on a daily basis. Visual Voicemail, for example, allows you to scroll back through a message to capture any important information which you may have missed.


Headsets provide the flexibility busy staff need, especially those who find themselves frequently making notes while on a call, or for customer-facing employees like receptionists who receive a high amount of calls throughout the day.

At 4Com, we offer both wired and wireless headsets from world-renowned audio experts Plantronics, Sennheiser and Jabra.

Whether you’re after a headset to use at your desk or on the move, you’re sure to find the perfect match in our range.

There are both monaural (one ear covered) and binaural (both ears covered) options available too, and no matter what style you decide to go for, you can rest assured you’ll have enough power to easily get through the working day thanks to a 12-hour battery life.


Plantronics have been in the audio industry for over 50 years and they’ve used this experience to create a range of exceptional headsets, all of which are compatible with HiHi2.

Featuring a long battery life and sleek design, it’s easy to see why Plantronics headsets are a popular choice.


Sennheiser are audio specialists and their headsets are part of a wide range of audio equipment they offer.

Offering both monaural and binaural headset options, Sennheiser headsets boast an excellent battery life and exceptional audio quality.

Samsung DECT Phones

Designed by tech giants Samsung, DECT phones are an ideal choice if you’re in the market for lightweight, portable handsets to use inside the office.

With fantastic, long-range coverage and a long-lasting battery that promises to deliver up to 12 hours of power with just one charge, your staff can stay connected with clients and colleagues even when they’re away from their desks. As well as delivering crystal clear audio, you’ll find an easy-to-use phonebook and a voicemail service built into Samsung DECT phones too.

Want to know more? Simply get in touch with the 4Com team today – they’ll be delighted to help you with your business’ communications.

What does DECT stand for?

DECT stands for Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication. Essentially, it is an industry term for a cordless phone handset, which you can use to remain contactable when you walk away from your desk and around the office. Be sure to check the range of any DECT handset before purchasing.

What do our customers think?

We’re proud to have helped over 15,000 businesses across the UK with their office phones. Watch the video to see what our customers have to say about HiHi and how it has improved both the way they work and how they are perceived by their customers.

We’d love to help you achieve the same results; please complete the form below to get your quote.


Yes, all of our landline phones have a Do Not Disturb feature. Using HiHi’s settings, you can also decide whether you would like incoming calls to be directed to your voicemail or to another colleague.

With HiHi this couldn’t be simpler; either press the person-icon to find the contact you wish to dial or, alternatively, you can press the phone-handset-icon and enter the number directly.

HiHi comes complete with HiHi Connect, a mobile application that allows you to make calls whenever you are out of the office. The beauty of HiHi Connect is that it will appear as if you are calling from your usual HiHi phone and the two sync perfectly, so all of your contacts are available.

We provide business landlines as part of an overall business phone system package, rather than as a standalone service. We can often provide this overall service at little or no extra cost than you are already paying, thanks to the savings we can make on our line rentals, call rate and mobile packages.

Removing Do Not Disturb on a landline is incredibly simple with HiHi. On the touch screen interface, simply select the “Phone apps” icon and within that you will see the “DND” option. Pressing this icon will toggle the Do Not Disturb on/off.

This depends on your fax machine. As part of our business phone system we offer fax to e-mail, so that faxes are delivered electronically.

Our commitment to you

Our relationship doesn’t end after your business phone system has been installed. We’ll be here for you whenever you need us.

The right phone system for you

4Com is much more than a telecommunications service. We’re your business phone partner, and we’re here to offer you and your company support all day, every day from the moment you enquire about our products.

Professional installation

It’s business as usual when you choose to switch to a business phone system from 4Com. We’ll take care of everything; installing your new system first alongside your existing setup to cause no disruption. Once installed, we’ll seamlessly switch you over.

Helpful UK-based support

Our expert support team are based right here in the UK, at our Head Office in Bournemouth. If they can’t resolve your issue over a call, they’ll arrange for one of our support engineers to visit you as soon as possible. Our engineers are road-based and stationed throughout the UK, meaning they can visit you quicker than many of our competitors.