Router Management and Support

4Com provide Management and Support for the routers that connect our customers to the Internet. For a small monthly charge of £3.99 per month, our customers can benefit from support which covers all routers that are no longer covered by any manufacturer’s warranty.

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Maintenanceand security

A key part of our our Router Management plan is the ongoing maintenance we provide. we will fully support the router and in the event the router is deemed faulty we will replace it free of charge, including any delivery and setup costs*.

We also ensure that the security on your router is kept up to date with the latest patches as they are released, helping to minimise the chances of your device being hacked.

Backupsand support priority

Another aspect of our Router Management & Support service is that we will regularly take backups of your router so that we can restore it quickly in the event of a failure.

In the event that you need support for your router, subscribers to our Router Management & Support service will receive prioritised support.

Active Monitoringand Diagnostics

Throughout your time with us, you can be assured that we are actively monitoring your router, so we will be made aware of any issues or faults on the router or with your internet connection immediately, via e-mail. This puts us in a stronger position to be able to rectify any issue, as soon as possible.

We will also carry out any diagnostics remotely in the event you have an issue.

Router Management & SupportBilling and Opt Outs

The fixed charge for router support will be applied to your monthly billing account upon the expiry of the manufacturer’s warranty, which will be 12 months from your initial broadband router installation.

Should you not wish to have your router covered, you can unsubscribe from the service at any time by emailing [email protected].**

If you do not subscribe to this service 4Com will accept no responsibility for the maintenance and support of your router.

*4Com will not cover any deliberate damage to the router or any caused by overheating. The router should be positioned in a room that is well ventilated, or air cooled. We DO NOT cover any engineer site visits if requested, these are charged in addition.

**By unsubscribing, you accept that any support provided will be chargeable at our applicable hourly rates, which can be found at Also, any replacement equipment, setup, and delivery costs, will not be covered.