Introducing HiHi

HiHi is our revolutionary new product; the UK’s premiere business phone system experience, complete with video. With HiHi you are able to see what’s really being said, by picking up on facial expressions and creating a more personal working relationship.

HiHi has been designed and developed with one thing in mind; to be the best business phone in the world. It’s incredibly easy to use and is full of useful features to make your business life easier.


VoIP Phone Systems

VoIP telephony is one of the fastest growing areas in telecoms thanks to its improved reliability and the versatility of the services it provides.

Whilst VoIP has been around for quite some time, recent progress with internet speeds, alongside improvements in VoIP’s reliability and call quality, have resulted in a jump in its usage, particularly in businesses.


Business Phones

Your business operates in its own unique way, which is why we offer a variety of business phones to suit the way you work.

Whether it’s an ergonomically designed desk phone, a cordless phone to allow you to be contactable throughout your office, or a headset to keep your hands free, we have the phones to meet your business needs.


Business Improving Software

Having one of the leading business phone systems is one thing, but getting the maximum from it can separate you from your competitors.

Our software, which includes call recording and integration with your computer system, can dramatically improve your working life. Create a better impression with customers, improve your team’s training and monitor performance, all thanks to our range of software.


Phone System Installation

You want as little disruption as possible when installing your new phone system, which is why we install your system in two stages.

The first stage sees your new system installed, allowing it to be operational alongside your existing setup, before the second stage sees us switch you over to your new business phone system.


Phone System Support

If you’ve experienced the difficulty caused by raising support issues with an overseas call centre, you’ll be pleased to hear that our support is based at our Head Office in Bournemouth, England.

Alongside our HQ based team, we have support engineers all across the UK, so if you need someone to visit your site to fix an issue, we can be there quickly.