Introducing Call Reporting

Call Reporting is frequently named as the most useful part of our software and applications package.  Our customers have made improvements to performance in a number of different teams, all thanks to Call Reporting. To give an example, you can see if there are areas of the business that either take longer than average to answer a call, or perhaps even miss a number of calls. Investigating this issue might show you that they’re under-staffed and help you strengthen that team, or perhaps that further training is needed.

Missed Call Analysis

Missed call analysis allows you to see each and every missed call, including the phone number, time of day and the number the caller was dialing so that you can decide whether you need to return the call. This feature is particularly useful to see who has called you outside of office hours, as you can then follow these callers up to see if you can assist them.

Call Handling Analysis

Call handling analysis provides opportunities to see statistics on how quickly your staff answer calls, how many are transferred and how long staff spend on each call. Looking at these statistics can help you assign more or less staff to particular tasks, address customer service issues and judge performance levels of both outbound and inbound sales teams.

Marketing Analysis

Call Reporting is also useful for marketing analysis in that you can assign each campaign a unique phone number and then use our reports to see which campaign has generated the most calls over any given time period. Combine this, with our geographic number service to analyse your success across different parts of the country.