Introducing Roam Like Home; What is it and how does it help?


Roam Like Home image

You may well have heard about the EU’s Roam Like Home Bill which came into action on 15th June 2017, but do you know all the finer details about what you can and can’t do while abroad without having to worry whether you’ll be charged extra? If not, this blog will guide you through the new legislation, so you can enjoy roaming wherever you are in the EU this summer.

In short, the new law Roam Like Home enables phone users to use their UK data, minutes and texts anywhere within the EU at no extra cost. So, whether you’re e-mailing home, checking the news, or updating your social media accounts, you’ll now be safe in the knowledge that you’ll face no extra cost.

For our customers, we used to charge a £3 additional fee to enable the use of UK minutes, data and texts in the EU, but this will now be discontinued.

One thing to be aware of however, is that if you do exceed your monthly allowance of texts, calls or data then you will still be charged.  To avoid these charges, we recommend setting up usage alerts and usage caps which help to limit any additional charges.

The new law will apply to all 28 countries within the EU, but the countries of the European Economic Area: Iceland, Liechtenstein & Norway will remove the charges shortly after the 15th June.