A Perfect 10! 4Com Celebrates Landmark Acquisition as they Purchase Customers from DigiSolutions Ltd.

4Com, the Bournemouth-based provider of business phone systems to UK SMEs, has announced their latest acquisition; the purchase of 318 customers from Digisolutions Limited, otherwise known as Digital Communications. The deal is 4Com’s tenth in just sixteen months, and fourth in the past two, with the acquisition drive now adding over 4,000 customers in total. Digital Communications are a Leicester-based telecoms company, formed in 2008 and they will be continuing to trade after the deal with 4Com.

Gary Scutt, 4Com’s Chief Executive Officer, commented, “We’re delighted to be completing this deal with Steve and the team at Digital Communications, and I’d like to thank them for working with us. I’m particularly proud of the fact that this deal was finalised after an endorsement from Fairfield Telecom, who we purchased customers from in our seventh acquisition. This shows that our reputation in terms of being easy to deal with, upfront about our prices and intentions, and being helpful throughout the process is continuing to grow.”

Steve Wilson, Digital Communications’ Managing Director added, “We are pleased to be completing this deal, and we are looking forward to our company’s future, which has been strengthened by the funds it has generated for us. We’re grateful for the way 4Com have conducted themselves; from the initial approach through to completion, we’ve all had clear expectations. It’s testament to their approach that our contacts at Fairfield spoke positively about their own experience and were even able to recommend solicitors who had worked on their sale to 4Com previously. I’d also like to thank our customers; we’re confident we’re leaving them in good hands, and we’re excited for our company’s next steps.”

Dean Cartledge, 4Com’s Chief Operating Officer, added, “Our acquisition drive continues to gather pace, and our ability to quickly bring deals to completion is becoming increasingly known in the industry. A big thank you to Steve and his team at Digital Communications, who have been a pleasure to work with, and thank you to our experienced team at 4Com for their diligence and speed which has enabled us to complete this deal so quickly after our previous deal with HIICOM.”

Haydn Neville, 4Com’s Acquisitions Manager, added, “It has been great working with Steve and his team at Digital Communications’, and we wish them the best for the future. I’m looking forward to speaking to further telecoms companies about how selling a customer base, or part of it can be a quick, cost-effective way of generating funds for your business, and is an increasingly preferable alternative to finance for many companies. We are more than happy to have informal discussions with any telecoms company looking for more information on their options.”

For more information on 4Com’s acquisitions process, and to request an informal, private conversation, please visit: https://www.4com.co.uk/acquisitions/