CTI (Computer Telephony Integration)

You can now see who is calling you and have their customer record appear on screen, all thanks to our Computer Telephony Integration software.

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What is CTI?

CTI, or Computer Telephony Integration, is the name given to the process of having a computer and telephone system work together. By integrating the two, you can create a more receptive, better-informed phone conversation, as the process allows you to see who is calling you, and have their customer record right in front of you as you talk.

How is CTI beneficial?

Computer Telephony Integration can have many benefits to your business, including the following:

Business phone system call recording

Get your communications off to a great start

Whenever someone new calls your office, CTI will provide you with all the relevant information available through a Google search of that number. This in turn helps you determine the caller’s business name, where they’re calling from and other need-to-know information, helping you to create that all-important first impression.

CTI can also work with your CRM system, meaning that when an existing customer calls, you’ll also be presented with any information you hold on them, in regards to their orders, any issues and company information, cutting out the recap that can often waste time.

Keep in touch with your colleagues

You can also use CTI to work better with your colleagues. The system allows you to see the availability of those you work with, without having to waste time calling them first. It also allows you to send them messages.

This visibility also extends to the company at large. You can use CTI to find colleagues, searching by their name or phone number, and quickly find out their availability. It also shows you whether they’re on the phone or not – perfect for colleagues who don’t want to be disturbed.

Is CTI right for my company?

Yes – CTI can save your staff valuable time.  The aim of CTI is to make everyday office processes much quicker and more streamlined. By being able to access all the information you need as soon as someone places a call with you, and by being able to check the availability of your teams without having to spend time waiting for a phone to be answered, simple tasks can be completed much quicker, and call times to customers can be reduced.

How long does it take to set up CTI?

Installing CTI will be carried out as part of the overall installation of your new phone system. This means we can install all the products in one stream, so adding CTI on to your chosen software requirements won’t incur any additional installation time.

If you’d like further information on how CTI could work for your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.