Do you need Computer Telephony Integration?

All businesses face the challenge of finding the right technology to help improve their efficiency and increase productivity. Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) gives your company a significant boost by making a series of small improvements to your everyday working life.

computer telephony integration

Create a great first impression

When a potential new customer calls into your office for the first time, CTI can perform a lookup on Google of that number, providing relevant information.  This can be used to create a great first impression as it provides insight into the caller; their business’ name, where it is based and what it does.

See colleague availability

Have you ever called a colleague and had to wait to see if they’d pick up the phone? With CTI you receive a system that shows you if a colleague is available or not, saving you the time of calling them.  If they’re on another call, CTI also includes a messaging system so that you can let them know a person is calling them, to see if they wish to take the call.

Provide better customer service

CTI also provides integration with your CRM system. Thanks to this, when a customer calls in, you can have their record appear on screen immediately so you can see any open issues or orders, their name and company information. This all combines to help you provide fantastic customer service.

Easy to use Address Book

The main purpose of Computer Telephony Integration is to make business life easier, which even includes the address book. Search by a name, or an extension to see if a colleague is in or out of the office, if they’re on another call and if they have do not disturb enabled, all from one easy to use application.