Working From Home

With more of us than ever now working from home, find out how a business phone system from 4Com can benefit you and your employees when working remotely.

Stay Connected

Phone systems play an important part within today’s business world, with most now providing far more than just calling ability. Modern business phones include improved functionality to help you stay connected with others, mainly thanks to their use of VoIP technology, the fastest growing area in telecoms. With improved reliability and video calling technology, these innovative desk phones give you better adaptability as and when your business changes.

Working From Home

HiHi3: The Smarter Deskphone

HiHi3 is one of our most popular phones, due to its innovative design and additional features that give users more freedom when working. Built with an Android operating system, HiHi3 combines essential deskphone features we all know and love alongside new technology that transforms it into a modern business phone for today.

  • Intuitive HD touchscreen display
  • Built-in video calling technology
  • Favourite contacts for quick calling
  • Access to the Google Play Store
  • Global address book
  • Unified Communication solution with the HiHi Connect app

Your office at home, with HiHi3

HiHi3 is made up of two components, a base unit and tablet. The tablet is the main element, and it is this that gives you the ability to make and receive calls, while also storing your contacts and files. Make life easier with an additional base unit at home, so you have the freedom to simply dock and undock your tablet between your office and home. The undockable tablet gives you the flexibility to work remotely while remaining connected to others.
Working From Home

Face-to-face communication

HiHi3 has built-in video calling functionality, allowing you to see your colleagues on a video call when working remotely. With the tablet docked to the perfect angle for visibility, HiHi3 gives you the easy benefit of holding a private video call at your desk, or on the move if you have undocked the tablet. Even if someone doesn’t have a HiHi3 themselves, you can still hold a video call with them thanks to the HiHi There mobile app.

More than just a phone

HiHi3 is a Google certified device giving you the ability to download apps from the Google Play Store. There are a wide range of apps available to help boost your productivity and get the most out of working remotely with your HiHi3; instant messaging and group video calling apps allow you to stay connected with your team as if you were in the office.
More than a phone

HiHi Connect

Work remotely with HiHi Connect

All HiHi3 users have access to the mobile app, HiHi Connect. This app allows you to use your mobile phone as an extension of your HiHi3. When your deskphone rings, you can simply answer the call via the HiHi Connect app on your mobile, ensuring you are always available.

Stay connected

HiHi Connect displays your entire phonebook so you can call saved contacts and colleagues from your mobile.

Work From Anywhere

As HiHi Connect is a mobile app, it gives you the freedom to use it anywhere, as long as you have a connection.

Remain Available

All hunt groups and call diverts continue in the same way as they would within the office.

A Professional Appearance

HiHi Connect will ensure your business number is displayed on phonecalls, keeping your mobile number private.

Replicates your phone system on your mobile

All HiHi3 users have access to the mobile app, HiHi Connect. This app allows you to use your mobile phone as an extension of your HiHi3. When your deskphone rings, you can simply answer the call via the HiHi Connect app on your mobile, ensuring you are always available.

As an extension of your deskphone, the app replicates your company’s phone system, with auto attendants, hunt groups, call diverts and overflow groups continuing to work as they would within the office.

Existing customers looking for more information on HiHi Connect?
HiHi Deskphone
HiHi Deskphone
HiHi Connect App
HiHi Deskphone
Make and receive calls from anywhere
Transfer call to saved contacts
View colleague availability with Presence status
Face-to-face video calls with colleagues
Add favourite contacts for quick dialling
Access voicemails
Start working remotely, with HiHi Connect
HiHi Connect

A 4Com Case Study

Here at 4Com, we have hundreds of employees working all over the UK, including engineers, sales executives, and our office-based staff in Bournemouth. When COVID-19 hit, it meant we quickly needed to transition into working from home; the HiHi2 phone system allowed us to do this seamlessly.

All calls to our main switchboard number are dealt with by the auto-attendant and our fantastic receptionists in the comfort of their own living rooms. Using their own HiHi3 deskphones, our receptionists effortlessly answer inbound calls and transfer them to other staff members in their own homes, who will pick up the call using HiHi Connect. As HiHi Connect replicates our entire phone system onto the user’s mobile phone, all staff are able to carry out in-call actions as they usually would on their HiHi3 deskphones.

Our HiHi3 phone system has completely replicated our normal office setup, enabling every employee to work from home with no disruption to the daily running of the business.

4Com Case

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