Upgrade Your Business Phone System in 2020

Upgrading to VoIP is a sure-fire way to streamline your business phone system – whether you’re a large corporation with complex communications needs, or a small company with a more modest setup.

There’s a whole host of benefits to be had when you switch from traditional analogue line-based phone systems to a VoIP system, like clearer voice quality, better portability and a more flexible business phone system in general. Keep reading to discover more about what business phone systems can provide in 2020.

Improve the flexibility of your phone systems

Analogue (or legacy) phone lines rely on a network of physical wires, which are usually made of copper, in order to place landline phone calls. While simple to use, there are several limitations to analogue lines – their bandwidth isn’t fully utilised and, after a certain point, they can’t be easily scaled up to include more numbers. Long-distance charges are also more costly on analogue lines – with VoIP, these calls are made digitally using an internet connection, so distance makes little difference.

As they require specific handsets, and can’t be extended for use on mobile devices, analogue lines can restrict your company’s internal and external communication. With a VoIP phone system, diverting calls becomes easier and you can also enjoy mobile applications which allow you to use your mobile as an extension of your normal phone system.

Convenient Remote Working with VoIP Phone Systems

A VoIP phone system allows you to make and receive calls using an internet connection. VoIP is a flexible communications solution; with a VoIP phone system installed, staff in your business can dial into calls from several different kinds of devices – including laptops and mobile phones. This is a huge benefit for companies who require their staff to travel for work, or work remotely.

Another advantage of VoIP for your business is increased connectivity – you’re likely to experience a significantly improved signal and enjoy clearer calls, whether you’re dialling in from a computer at home or a handset in the office. 

Customise Your Phone System in Real Time

Unlike analogue lines, which can only be spliced to provide multiple lines a number of times, you can easily scale up a VoIP phone system. If your company rapidly expands, 4Com will swiftly make the necessary adjustments to ensure your phone system is available to new staff. We can quickly provide additional handsets, and install extra broadband lines where required, with minimum disruption.

That means with VoIP, you can easily customise your business phone system in real time, so it always caters to your specific business needs.

What 4Com Can Offer

At 4Com, we offer a variety of VoIP and unified communications solutions, which can be tailored to suit every business – no matter how big or small.

We offer the cutting-edge HiHi2 phone system which makes working remotely more efficient; it comes with intuitive, Google certified handsets, as well as access to the mobile app, HiHi Connect. This app replicates your office phone system on the device where it’s installed, so you can make, answer, screen and transfer a call, just as you would at your desk.

Plus, depending on the specific system you choose, staff at your company can also enjoy additional features, like Call Recording and Call Reporting software, and On Hold Marketing. Find out more about our included services over on the Software & Applications page.

We can offer this technology in a bespoke package for your business – so why not reach out to our expert team today and get a quote to upgrade your business phone system?