Should you use On-Hold Marketing?

Aside from the statistic mentioned above, On-Hold Marketing is a great way to keep both current and prospective customers informed with the latest news and information from your company.  It might be that you have a current offer, or maybe you have some revised opening hours coming up; On-Hold Marketing gives you a great opportunity to convey the messages you want to express.

The main point of this software however, is to psychologically reduce waiting times.  Placing callers on hold is an unavoidable part of business life, but the more you can keep them occupied and entertained during this time, the better your chances of keeping them on the call.

The content and messages played to the callers is completely at your discretion; you can choose the music, the wording and the length of the piece you wish to play. We then create the message on your behalf and upload it onto your phone system.

Business on hold marketing software

What are the benefits of On-Hold Marketing?

  • Create revenue by advertising products and services to a captive audience
  • Enhance your corporate image by providing a professional sounding shop front to your telephony
  • Psychologically reduce hold time
  • Introduce new products and services
  • Reduce caller hang up by keeping the customer engaged