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Two to Ten… New 4Com Marketing and Communications Team

4Com, Dorset based Business Telecoms providers have just completed the final step in developing a new and experienced Marketing and Communications department headed by Gary Trudgett. The multi award winning company has undergone a rapid expansion over the last few years and needed to ensure that its marketing and communication function was market leading and mirrored the company’s ambitions in the business telecoms marketplace.

Trudgett, who has worked for the company for just over 14 months, was tasked with bringing together a comprehensive and talented marketing and communications team to help support and drive 4Com’s expansion plans for 2014 and beyond.

“Being asked to build a brand new team was a fantastic and exciting challenge, and opportunities like this don’t come around that often.” Said Trudgett, adding; “Within three months the team has grown from me and Marketing Executive Eloise Howes, to a fully-fledged and dynamic team of both traditional and digital marketers, and communication specialists.  We now have the skills and expertise within all aspects of marketing, covering areas such as product, email and digital marketing, through to digital design, web development, film production, as well as encompassing PR and communications.”

The company reviewed over 250 applications and interviewed over 30 people to select the right people, with the first new team member James Hunter, starting back in July 2013 responsible for digital video content and production. James was influential in helping to raise the company’s profile in the short term by producing both corporate and customer based testimonials and product information videos.

Next additions to the new 4Com Marketing and Communications team in September 2013 were Kerry Adams responsible for email marketing campaigns supported by Penny Chalk working with existing team member Eloise Howes, as Marketing Assistant.  The final four roles were filled in October and November 2013 by Paul Wilde, looking after Product Marketing, Matt Watts covering Digital Marketing and its optimisation, Anthony Chmarny, managing PR and Communications and Digital Designer, Roman Kowalewski responsible for all aspects of design both traditional and digital.

Trudgett continued, “The recruitment process was a challenge due to the volume of applicants and the breadth of recruiting so many positions at the same time. Matching marketing skills and experience of the many great applicants and aligning them to ensure a good cultural fit for 4Com wasn’t simple. I was seeking people who shared the same drive and determination and character that matched 4Com’s ambitions and culture during an exciting period of growth.” Adding, “Reassuringly the new department have seamlessly integrated and settled in really quickly to their individual roles and are already producing results as a team, it’s like we have all worked together for years.”

4Com have recently added a Database Manager role to the help complete the Marketing and Communications team, this position is yet to be filled.

Staff Round up:

Gary Trudgett, Head of Marketing and Communications:

Experienced marketing professional, Gary has worked mainly within the Technology and Telecommunications industries, having held marketing and sales roles with major brands like Nokia, Sony and Sharp. He has also worked for digital and web marketing agencies and his specialities now include a plethora of strategic marketing skills related to digital marketing and strategic use of social media. He has specific expertise for Google+ and LinkedIn, where he has previously both consulted and delivered training workshops on these subjects. Now marketing Business Telephone Systems for 4Com, he brings over 20 years marketing experience with him covering specialities from strategic sales and marketing skills; both traditional and digital and marketing strategy and product launches to both B2B and B2C markets.

Eloise Howes, Marketing Executive:

Eloise worked in a family run café business in London whilst obtaining a Btec in Business and Finance, she took her acute business and customer service skills to Thomas Cook Retail Travel and then to American Express Europe working on the ExxonMobil Account arranging business travel for their key staff including Rig Engineers working across the world.  After five years in the travel industry, Eloise took time out to start a family and run her own party planning business returning a few years later to work in the hotel industry undertaking meeting and event management. She joined 4Com in 2012 looking after Quality Assurance and sales staff training and then took the role of Marketing Executive where her natural enthusiasm makes her an essential member of the 4Com digital marketing team.

James Hunter, Film Production Director:

Over the last 12 years James has worked with some of leading production companies and graphics houses including the BBC, Frame Store and FFP New Media to name but a few.  As well as working as producer and Director on pilot documentaries and independent films, James has a wide range of expertise and experience from graphics, editing, sound, lighting and camera work. His previous career was in banking spending five years at Barclays Bank PLC where he worked as a Line Manager in Customer Transformations, Global Payments and Barclays Corporate. During his time there his role was to implement new tactical projects and to solve strategic work flow issues. James was also involved in top level sanctions screening, including anti-terrorism money laundering, training and staff development. His role at 4Com is to ensure comprehensive development of the company’s digital video content online for both internal and external communications.

Kerry Adams, Email Marketing Manager:

Kerry has over seven years’ experience within marketing across a wide range of sectors. Her past roles include KPMG, Thistle Hotels and Mortgage Intelligence. Kerry started her career in event management before moving into digital marketing. She has developed skills in all areas of marketing including brand management, e-mail, online, SEO, social media, and strategy. In her previous role, she led a major re-brand project which included responsibility of the corporate image, design, strategy planning and implementation. She now specialises in using email communication as an effective marketing tool in a B2B environment.

Penny Chalk, Marketing Assistant:

Penny is the youngest member of the 4Com Marketing team and joined the company in September 2013. Although, when joining she had little ‘hands-on’ marketing experience she has proved that she is a natural marketer and has fitted into the role perfectly. Before joining the company  Penny worked for Lymington Precision Engineers (LPE), where she started as an Admin Assistant moving to Accounts and finally on to the IS Training Department helping to implement their new Enterprise Resource Planning system. Throughout her time at LPE, Penny was also studying Business Studies and Events at Greenwich University on a part time basis. Her role within 4Com is predominantly alongside the Email Marketing Manager where she undertakes the statistical reports from email campaigns on a daily basis, passing qualified leads to the Telemarketing team. Alongside these email campaigns she works on websites lead generation and reporting, vertical market and customer behaviours analytics linked to other 4Com marketing campaign.

Paul Wilde, Product Marketing Manager:

Paul Wilde has a wealth of marketing experience predominantly held within the automotive sector where he was Marketing Manager for the south coast company, Snows Group.   His experience covers all aspects of the marketing mix with a strong influence in digital. His main focus is to develop the 4Com brands ensuring consistent messaging and product awareness to help increase sales of the business telecoms systems. Paul brings over 15 years marketing experience as well an entrepreneurial spirit after starting his own UK watch distribution company and recently developing his own cricket app for iPhone.

Matt Watts, Digital Marketing Manager:

Matt joined 4Com in November 2013, having enjoyed successes in similar roles in IT and Telecommunication companies such as C4L, based in Bournemouth. Having started his career in a general marketing role, Matt quickly developed a passion for the digital world, particularly Pay-Per-Click advertising and Search Engine Optimisation. Combining these interests with his skills in statistical analysis enabled Matt to improve web performance in his previous roles and having started learning web development, he’s now ideally suited to lead 4Com’s digital brand and product repositioning projects.

Anthony Chmarny, PR and Communications Manager:

Appointed as PR and Communications Manager 4Com in November 2013, Anthony has a long history in dealing with media communications, sponsorship and events spanning over 25 years. He has worked for some of the leading energy and technology companies across the globe, including Centrica, Intel and until recently, Garmin. He has also developed a network of famous and influential media and business celebrities and is highly regarded by his contacts.  At Garmin, Anthony successfully developed and executed a new communications strategy across Garmin’s GPS product range directly leading to an increases in Garmin UK’s market share within the automotive sector from 28.9% at the start of 2012 to 37% a market value increase of 8.1% (GfK figures) . At the close of 2012 Garmin’s unaided brand awareness in the UK increased from 18% in 2007 to 56%.

Roman Kowalewski, Designer:

Roman has over 15 years of experience in print, web and digital design, he is highly motivated, creative and versatile having worked with some of the top SME’s to large high street brands such as Mercedes, Philips and EON. He has a full gambit of design experience which includes designing corporate Identities, both in print and online, magazine titles, including specialised editorial features and interactive multimedia platforms covering both iOS and Android based tablet and phone hardware. At 4Com Roman delivers creative design solutions across the entire marketing and communication spectrum, including user experience design for online media through to more traditional marketing and communications.


Top L to R: Gary Trudgett, Paul Wilde, Penny Chalk,

Middle L to R: Eloise Howes, Kerry Adams, Matt Watts

Bottom L to R: Anthony Chmarny, James Hunter, Roman Kowalewski

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