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The Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For: Darren’s Perspective

This coming Wednesday (26th February) we’ll be attending the awards ceremony for the Best Companies to Work for 2014. Ahead of finding out where we will rank this year, we took the opportunity to ask our staff their opinions about working at 4Com.  We’ll be sharing a series of interviews in the lead up to the event, before announcing the result later in the week.

Today we speak to our Maintenance Manager, Darren Reid.  The transcription of the video can be found below:

What’s your favourite thing about working at 4Com?

The camaraderie and the team spirit.  We’ve got a great bunch of people who are all like-minded, which makes it a great place to work and I really enjoy coming in.

What’s your most memorable moment of working at 4Com?

My personal favourite memory of working at 4Com was picking up the 2013 Employee of the Year award, it was a great achievement and I’m really proud of myself for that. Also, as a team memory- the 4Com 3 Peaks Challenge. I didn’t take part, but I was a Support Team Member, so I drove the minibus, helped the guys, served them food and seeing their faces as they came down the final peak was fantastic.  It was a great achievement for the guys.

We were the 45th Best Company to Work for last year, where do you think we’ll rank this year?

Ok, so 45th was a great achievement.  I think we’ve got to be looking at top 20 this year, with the strides we’ve made to improve it would be absolutely fantastic to be in the top 20, and I think it’s achievable.

What do you think this award means?

It’s a great accolade, it just shows what the people who work here at 4Com think of the company as a place to work.  It’s always important that the staff are happy and really reflects on what the staff think rather than it being based on what a judging panel think of the company; it’s all about what the staff think and that’s what counts.

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