With HiHi Connect, you can easily work from anywhere

Do you have a hybrid setup, with staff working from home? You can make it a more seamless experience by opting for a HiHi3 phone which comes complete with access to the HiHi Connect mobile app.

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What is HiHi Connect?

HiHi Connect is a mobile app which allows you to use your mobile phone as an extension of your HiHi3 deskphone. When you become a HiHi3 customer, you will receive HiHi Connect licences as part of your phone system.

When your HiHi3 deskphone rings, you can simply answer the call via the HiHi Connect app on your mobile, which also offers video calling functionality. HiHi Connect replicates your company’s telephone setup, so any hunt groups or call diverts that are in place will continue to work as they would within the office.

We always recommend downloading HiHi Connect as soon as you become a HiHi3 user, to ensure your staff can continue making and receiving calls whatever the situation and wherever they may be.

Stay connected

HiHi Connect displays your entire phonebook so you can call saved contacts and colleagues from your mobile.

Work From Anywhere

As HiHi Connect is a mobile app, it gives you the freedom to use it anywhere, as long as you have a connection.

Remain Available

All hunt groups and call diverts continue in the same way as they would within the office.

A Professional Appearance

HiHi Connect will ensure your business number is displayed on phonecalls, keeping your mobile number private.

How do I download HiHi Connect?

The latest version of the app, HiHi Connect 2, is available to download to your mobile via both the Google Play Store on Android devices and from the App Store on iOS devices. Whilst you can download the app without being a customer, login details will only be provided to customers.

To ensure its security, HiHi Connect has unique log-in details for all users. When you become a 4Com customer, the main contact at your company will be provided with the relevant usernames and passwords. A reminder of these details can be sent by our Support team at any time. It is not currently possible to use HiHi Connect without being a 4Com customer.

When you become a customer, you will receive the appropriate number of licences for HiHi Connect for the number of HiHi3 deskphones you have. So, if you have five deskphones, you have five HiHi Connect licences. If you are unsure, or if you need additional licences, please talk to us.

Yes. To listen to voicemails on HiHi Connect, dial 555. You will then need to enter your 4-digit passcode followed by #. If you are unsure of your passcode, please contact the Support team at any time.

Please note, depending on your internal extension numbering scheme, you may have to dial either 55 or 5555 to access your voicemails.

Yes. You will need to click the profile icon at the top of the screen, scroll down, and simply press ‘Logout.’

No. Your business phone number will be displayed to retain a professional appearance. Your mobile number will be kept private.

No. Please ensure you select the option to makes calls over “VoIP.” HiHi Connect is an extension of your HiHi deskphone, which is part of your company phone system.

Download the HiHi Connect user guide?

Learn more about HiHi Connect and its features by downloading the guide.

HiHi Connect Guide

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