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Video Conferencing – What is it and what are the advantages?

Video communication is on the rise globally with Apps like FaceTime and Skype alongside products like HiHi becoming the norm in both businesses and homes; most people are comfortable with the idea of using video to talk face-to-face.  Video conferencing, however, is still something of a grey area for many, which is why this blog … Continued

Do you commit these phone faux pas?

When Alexander Graham Bell, often credited as the inventor of the modern telephone, made his first call, he probably had no idea that one day, most people would carry a version of his device in their pockets everywhere they go. He probably also had no idea how annoying it can be when you’re speaking to … Continued

Do you have a “work spouse”?

Do you have a ‘work spouse’? Or perhaps let’s rephrase that: do you have a very close friend at work? While use of the term is widening, calling someone a ‘work wife’ or ‘work husband’ perhaps still sounds controversial to some. But as this BBC article suggests, having a specially supportive, friendly and (emphasis on … Continued

Do you have a phone voice?

Do you have a ‘phone voice’? Whether you purposely change your accent, or it happens subconsciously, plenty of us admit that we alter the way we speak when we answer or make a call. In fact, almost half of British people (44%) say they feel self-conscious about the way they sound at work, with 27% … Continued

Are you using too many office buzzwords?

Ever find your eyes rolling as a coworker interrupts your morning brew to say “let’s touch base”, usually on a subject that only requires an email? Or maybe you have to bite your tongue whenever you’re told to “think outside the box” in a brief or meeting? You’re not alone. We surveyed the nation to … Continued

What is “Full Fibre” and what does it mean for me?

This week the Government announced that Aberdeenshire, West Sussex, Coventry and Warwickshire, Bristol, West Yorkshire and Greater Manchester are to be the first areas that will receive “Full Fibre” services, but how does this differ from the fibre services already provided to much of the UK? This blog will take you through the different types … Continued