We have now completed the challenge! As one big 4Com team, we have collectively walked over 1,730 miles during the month of June! Congratulations to everyone who took part – this is a fantastic achievement! Please note, you no longer need to submit your walks.

As part of 4Com’s One Team month, we’re setting a challenge for us all to collectively achieve!

During June, we’re aiming to walk a total of 1730 miles in our One Team Big Challenge!

Setting off from 4Com HQ, our route takes us:

  • 4Com HQ to 4Com Logistics
  • 4Com Logistics to Land’s End
  • Land’s End to 4Com West Bromwich
  • 4Com West Bromwich to Reach Telecoms (Shrewsbury)
  • Reach Telecoms to John o’ Groats
  • John o’ Groats to 4Com HQ

What do you need to do?

To achieve this challenge, we need as many participants as possible to get their walking shoes on and track their miles! During June, please ensure that you are tracking all your walks so you can measure your distance and then log your information here to add them to our progress tracker. Ideally, we’d like all distances logged below in miles. You will also need to submit a screenshot of your route, from apps such as Strava, so we can verify the information.

What are the rules?

  • This challenge is for walking and running only.
  • The distances submitted must be for a defined walk or run; we will not accept distances covered by walking around the home or office, for example.
  • For your distance to count, you must submit the form below including a screenshot showing the distance covered, shown on a fitness tracking app such as Strava, MapMyRun, or other such apps.
  • The screenshot must show the date of the activity, so as to prevent duplication.
  • Duplicate screenshots will be omitted from the tally, i.e. each person must record their own activity, even if they are walking/running together.
  • You may submit as many runs or walks as you like.

Are there prizes?

While this is a team challenge for us to collectively complete, there is nothing wrong with some competition between departments! There are two prizes, who will both go to the department who has covered the most distance on a per person basis.

  • Charity Donation: a £250 charity donation to a charity of the winning department’s choice
  • Department Prize: a £250 prize for the team to use for a team meal/activity of their choice

Good luck! And remember, this challenge can’t be achieved without everyone playing their part!