New Fixed Line, SIP Hosted & Broadband Bundle Package 1

After nearly 20 years of providing Telephone Services, and following feedback, 4Com are launching a range of Bundled Packages for our Fixed Line & SIP Hosted Customers, with the inclusion of FREE calls to UK 01,02 and 03 numbers.

These long-awaited changes which include FREE calls to the above prefixes, and UNLIMITED* Broadband (more on this below), will automatically come into effect on 1st July 2018 and have been designed to provide our customers with a clearer picture of their telephony costs, allowing for simpler budgeting. Please see the bundle prices in the table below.

Product Name Monthly Price from 1st July 2018 Free UK Local/National Calls BT Standard Rental Price With BT UK Call Allowance
Analogue Line Rental £13.99 Yes £23.40 from £35.40
Analogue Multi-Line Rental (per line) £15.99 Yes £23.40 from £35.40
ISDN2 (per channel) £15.99 Yes £25.20 from £37.20
ISDN30 (per channel) £15.99 Yes £26.40 from £38.40
Calling Feature
Admin Controlled Call Diversion £2.99 £4.00
Anonymous Call Rejection £2.99 £4.00
Call Barring – Admin Controlled £2.99 £4.00
Call Diversion £2.99 £4.00
Call Minder £2.99 £4.00
Call Waiting £2.99 £4.00
Caller Display £2.99
Direct Dial Numbers (each) £0.49
SIP Trunk Cost £9.99

As we move into an era of unprecedented reliance and usage of high speed broadband, here at 4Com we’ve been looking at how we offer these services to our customers.

Until now, the majority of our customers have been provided broadband with a data allowance. Whilst well-intentioned, this sometimes caused customers to face additional charges when they went over this allowance; the standard rate being £1 per Gb. Clearly, this could become expensive.

Following a huge amount of customer feedback, 4Com are introducing a new unlimited* broadband package to each and every one of our customers, which will completely eradicate “over-usage” costs.

This automatic upgrade will add an additional £4.99 per month to your current broadband package cost and, as with the Bundle prices, will come into effect on 1st July 2018.

* unlimited broadband package is subject to 4Com’s Fair Usage Policy, which can be found on our website here.