Introducing Mi4Com

4Com are pleased to introduce Mi4Com, our new customer portal which gives you the tools to make your support experience better and faster.  

What is Mi4Com?

Aiming to put you in control of your phone system, Mi4Com is our new customer portal which gives you the tools to raise cases, log queries, communicate with our support team and stay updated with our user guides and FAQs.

Commencing our movement into a digitalised support process, Mi4Com will improve the speed at which we can process your requests. Available on both your desktop and smartphone, Mi4Com ensures you always remain connected to us; with access to raise cases 24 hours a day at a time that’s convenient to you.

Features available on Mi4Com

Mi4Com has an expansive list of features that we are confident you will love.

Log cases and requests
Track your cases/requests
FAQs and training videos
Quicker response times
24/7 access
Accessible worldwide
Available on desktop and mobiles

Benefits of Mi4Com

Mi4Com helps to process your requests quicker and enables you to track your requests and cases without the need to contact us.

Currently You…

With Mi4Com You Can…

Wait in a telephone queue before logging a case
Log a case directly to us via Mi4Com
Wait in a telephone queue before asking us a question
Review FAQs and videos that can resolve your issue
Wait in a telephone queue before requesting a copy of your phone bill
Download a copy of your phone bill directly
Only log a case between 9am – 5.30pm
Log a case 24/7
Only log a case from the UK
Log a case wherever you are; on a bus, on a train; anywhere in the world!
Wait in a telephone queue to ask for an update on your case
Log in and review your case at a time that suits you
Call us and try and describe what you are seeing
Take a picture of the issue and post it onto your case, allowing engineers to provide a faster solution

What’s next?

We are rolling out Mi4Com in stages to ensure that the experience is the best it can be. All MDs/Main Contacts will shortly receive a letter to advise about the next stages for registering for Mi4Com.

This letter will inform them to contact us should we need to update any incorrect information we hold on your company and will also give more information regarding Site Administrators. For security reasons, by default this will automatically be the MD or Main Contact, but if it’s to be someone else, follow the instructions in the letter on how to notify us of this.

This letter will also explain how to let us know if you wish to be added to Mi4Com in one of the initial enrolment groups.

Mi 4Com

Frequently Asked Questions…

As many as you like. You will have control of all the users that have access to Mi4Com, once your Administrator has registered. You can decide who your Administrator should be, and you can easily add, remove or change staff access as your business changes. Future training will be delivered through Mi4Com, so it will benefit everyone to have access to it.

Keeping your data up-to-date goes a long way to keeping everyone GDPR compliant. Regularly reviewing who has what level of access and seeing how your staff are using the site allows you the opportunity to suggest changes to us.

All customers having registered their password will need to register at least one mobile number against the account, for additional security. All individuals will require a unique email to register. Where individuals use a generic email address, (sales@, info@ etc) all those users will have the same log-in details. Each customer will have a nominated Administrator who can manage access levels for your business, giving you control of access to your account and keeping you in control of your own GDPR compliance.

Mi4Com has been designed to work on smartphones as well as desktops, so will always be accessible if you have a minimum of 3G mobile phone coverage.

Whilst we understand the desire to contact us via telephone occasionally, most interactions with us are simply requests for us to do things on your behalf and these can be done much quicker via Mi4Com, plus you get to see the progress of your request. Business time is money, so our aim is to make things quicker for you and Mi4Com is the first step. We will always allow customers to speak to us, however, in the future this will not be the quickest way of answering your questions and requests.

We understand that as your business moves and grows, keeping all your suppliers informed as to who they can speak to is an onerous ever-changing task. Mi4Com allows you to make changes in the user-management of your account, so your data is always up-to-date. Only those allowed by you, will be able to make requests to us.

If you have certain people that you wish us to deal with, then these are the only people that you need to invite to be users on your account. Remember, you can change these whenever you wish or as circumstances dictate.