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HiHi3 is a business phone designed to ensure everyone remains available. From it's simplified call management, built-in video calling technology and the ability to download apps from the Google Play Store, HiHi3 will improve the way your business communicates both in and out of the office. Get your quote today.

Get a quote for a Virtual PBX Phone System

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Choose from a wide of range of devices

Alongside HiHi3, we provide a choice of other phones, tablets and mobiles to complete your communication set up. What's more, with the HiHi Connect mobile app, you can replicate your phone system on your mobile.

A suite of helpful apps and software

HiHi3 includes a suite of software to improve your business communication and also boasts access to the Google Play Store, allowing you to download your favourite apps.

24-hour UK-wide support and maintenance

Our call centre is based at our head office in Bournemouth and they resolve most issues over the phone. We also have nationwide engineers, in case you need any additional help.

Take the office home with you

HiHi3 has been designed with flexibility and usability in mind, which is why it comes with a detachable tablet.

The tablet gives you the ability to make and receive calls, while also storing all your contacts, apps and files. Make life easier with a base both at the office and home, giving you the freedom to dock and undock your tablet between the two.

Flexible working

Fast to install, even faster to use

Thanks to utilising cloud technology, HiHi3 is one of the fastest phones to install.

We’ll have HiHi3 devices to you within a few days of you joining us, so that you can enjoy them while we transfer any remaining services. It’s also much faster to use HiHi than a standard business phone, with the touch screen interface making everything available to you in just a couple of clicks.

Always connected

Always connected even on the go

As every element has been designed with usability in mind, it’s incredibly easy to add new contacts to your phonebook and to edit them.

Similarly, you can quickly place your most called contacts on your home screen to save you time searching for them and smoothly pick up calls intended for their phone if you need to.

Replicates your phone system on your mobile

The HiHi Connect app is available for all HiHi3 users. Allowing you to easily answer any incoming calls to your direct line via the app on your mobile, it ensures you are always available wherever you are working.

Replicating your company's phone system, all auto attendants, hunt groups, calls diverts and overflow groups continue to work as they would within the office, meaning no calls go unanswered.

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HiHi Deskphone
HiHi Deskphone
HiHi Connect App
HiHi Deskphone
Make and receive calls from anywhere
Transfer call to saved contacts
View colleague availability with Presence status
Face-to-face video calls with colleagues
Add favourite contacts for quick dialling
Access voicemails
Start working remotely, with HiHi Connect
HiHi Connect

We have you covered from the very start

We know that you’ll be keen to get started with your new phone system as soon as possible, which is why we aim to have your new HiHi phones with you within a few days of you joining us.

Supplying your new phones quickly gives you the chance to be fully trained on using HiHi3 (although it’s incredibly easy to use) and enjoy its functionality while we transfer over any other services.

We know how important peace of mind is, which is why we offer some of the most comprehensive support in the industry. Our support hub is in Bournemouth, England, but we also have engineers located all across the UK.

This means that if anything does go wrong, we’re able to reach you quickly to resolve your issue. These same engineers will provide thorough training during your installation to help you get the most from your system.

Call Recording


There’s an incredible amount of information being given and taken on each phone call, which is why Call Recording is a vital part of any modern business phone system.

You can choose which calls (incoming, outgoing or all) and extensions you wish to record and you can use this information for staff training, to settle any potential disputes and for order clarification.

On-Hold Marketing

On-Hold Marketing

Recent studies have shown that customers are likely to hang up if confronted with silence when placed on hold.

On-Hold Marketing allows you to fill this void with a combination of music and business messages to keep your callers engaged while they are on hold. We can help you create the perfect series of messages for your business.

Call Reporting


Every call into your business represents a potential enquiry, so it’s vital to take advantage of each one.

Call Reporting captures missed call information so you’re able to return calls to capture this business. It also highlights any potential bottlenecks in call traffic across your business and shows you who your most active callers are. In short, it helps inform your business decisions so that you can get the most from your phone system.

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