The ISDN Switch Off

BT initially announced the ISDN switch off back in 2015, setting out a decade long plan to phase out the technology. ISDN has limited capacity and functionality so it’s no surprise to see it being phased out in favour of IP (Internet Protocol) based services. Read more about the switch off and alternative options, below.

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Why is ISDN being switched off?

Modern technology has moved on considerably since ISDNs inception in the 1980’s. As ISDN became ever-more expensive to maintain from a network standpoint, a new technology became mainstream; the Internet. Realising that IP technology presented vastly superior service possibilities, BT opted to transition its platform to IP and move away from ISDN.

How long do I have on ISDN?

While BT extended its initial “end-of-sale” date to 2023, at this point in time it really doesn’t make business sense to invest in the technology unless there is no alternative. If you already have an ISDN connection, it will continue to be supported until 2025, when service improvements will stop. With that in mind, we’re encouraging to move to a VoIP-based service as soon as possible.

What are my alternatives to ISDN?

VoIP is the main alternative to ISDN. VoIP, which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol runs over fibre optic lines; the same technology that likely carries your broadband traffic. VoIP has seen its popularity and usage increase dramatically over the past 10 years as its initial teething problems were removed and it became a more reliable option.

VoIP tends to be quicker to provision than ISDN and boasts flexibility that ISDN simply couldn’t provide.

Which is the best VoIP system?

We’re proud to be Platinum Partners of HiHi, who manufacture the industry-leading HiHi deskphones. HiHi is an innovative VoIP deskphone, built with an Android operating system and a high-definition touchscreen display. With essential phone features improved to enhance usability, it also includes video calling functionality to help you create and maintain more effective business relationships.

VoIP-based Business Continuity

One of the many benefits of VoIP and HiHi in particular, is that it enables you to seamlessly work remotely, without a loss of service. Using HiHi, you can either remove the touchscreen display from its docking station and use it remotely, or you can use the HiHi Connect app on your mobile or PC.

HiHi Connect

HiHi Connect is a mobile app that allows you to use your mobile as an extension of your HiHi deskphone. When your deskphone rings, the call will also come through to the app, allowing you to answer the call on your mobile when working remotely. HiHi Connect ensures that you are always connected, without the need to stay at your desk. You can make and receive calls on the app, access your full phonebook, as well as see your colleagues’ live presence status.

HiHi There

HiHi There is a unique app that allows you to invite non-HiHi users to a video call, via either their mobile device or on a browser synced with a webcam. This app gives you the advantage of being able to see and speak to your customers and suppliers via video, without the need to travel to see and show them things. HiHi There has been designed to be user-friendly, with a HiHi user easily able to invite someone by using the HiHi There button on their deskphone.
HiHi There

Face-to-face business meetings

Enjoy face-to-face communication using HiHi, which has built-in video technology, allowing you to make and receive high quality video calls between HiHi devices so you can see and speak to others without the need to travel. HiHi gives you the advantage of holding private video calls from your desk, as well as being able to undock the tablet while on a call, giving you the freedom to move. Partnered with the mobile app, HiHi There, you can also video call with your customers and suppliers.