Notification of Terms and Conditions Changes to Your Maintenance/ Onsite Warranty Agreement from the Beginning of April 2015

At 4Com we recognise the cost of running a business has risen over the last year and we have been faced with the same challenges such as staffing, equipment costs and fuel costs as our customers. As a company, we have tried to maintain our prices despite these increasing pressures, but certain changes have become necessary in terms of our support agreement.

The fundamental benefits of the support agreement will not change, these include:

  • No call out fees or charges for replacement equipment.
  • Remote support so we can help you almost instantly.
  • One number to call. No need to call various numbers when you need assistance or support.
  • UK based technical team.
  • An industry leading scope to the agreement which covers everything from Fixing Faults, providing day to day changes and training.
  • Online fault reporting.
  • Industry leading response times, our team typically resolve 90% of all customer issues on the same day.
  • Exceptional levels support from an award winning service provider.

The key changes from April 2015 will be:

  • A fair usage policy is being introduced to ensure that the premium for each agreement is reflective of the works being provided.
  • Prudent applications of any price changes. 4Com will provide a full history of works and occasions to support any pricing changes by Agreement where applicable.
  • The Scope of the Agreement has been increased contractually beyond fault fixing to include day to day support.

This announcement and price changes reflect the increasing cost of delivering the levels of customer services and technology demanded by our customers. We believe our support is still the most competitive in the industry and we always take great pride in supporting our loyal customer base by providing significant value for money in comparison to other telecom providers.

Over the last eighteen months, 4Com has invested over £1million in developing state of the art CRM systems helping to ensure our customers receive the best possible services available in the business telecoms market.  In 2014, 4Com adopted a ‘first call response’ policy where our customer call answering targets are to pick up a call by a human voice in our UK call centre within five rings (10seconds). Our aim is, where possible, that customers are dealt with first time without having to call back a second time. The industry average call response time is in excess of 30 seconds with some of our competitor’s times over three minutes or longer.

In the last year we have increased our Customer Service staff by over 15% and now have over 34 telecom technicians and engineers based across the country installing, servicing and supporting customers telephone systems.

Our investment in staff, services and technology, helps to ensure that customers receive the highest levels of service possible, our priority is to ensure our business telecommunication systems help to make our customers businesses a success.

Should you have any queries regarding the changes or on 4Com’s services please contact us by either calling: 0330 444 4444 or

Please note the above changes have been made pursuant to the following clause:

 11.9 The Supplier may change the Terms of this On-Site Warranty Agreement (including the charges) at any time. The Supplier will publish details of such changes on line on the Supplier’s website at least two weeks before the change is to take effect