Notification of Price Changes from 1st May 2015

At 4Com we recognise the cost of running a business has risen over the last year, and we have been faced with the same challenges as our customers’, such as staffing and fuel costs.   As a company, we have tried to maintain our prices despite these increasing pressures, and it has therefore been a difficult decision to announce that from 1st May 2015 we will be increasing our prices across a broad range of services and tariffs* we provide.

Call charge rates will increase by the following:

  • UK local and national calls rates will be increased by 0.2p per minute.
  • UK Mobile network calls will see an increase of 0.8p per minute.

 Call connection charges will increase by the following:

  • UK local & national 0.5p
  • All other destinations 1p

 Line rental rates will increases by the following:

  • PSTN Analogue, ISDN2, ISDN30 Line Rentals and SIP trunks will increase by £1.00 per month respectively.

Select Services

The monthly rental for some services such as Caller Line Identityand Call Divertfacilities will increase by 20p per month and the cost of DDI will increase by 4p per month.

Anti-Fraud protection

The cost of the Anti-Fraud package will increase by 19p per month.

 International call rate examples**

  • France: Call rates will increase by 0.2p per minute.
  • Germany:  Call rates will increase by 0.2p per minute.
  • Italy: Call rates will increase by 0.2p per minute.
  • USA: Call rates will increase by 0.2p per minute.

Broadband services

  • ADSL broadband services will increase by £1 per month.
  • Fibre Optic broadband services will increase by £1 per month.

Whilst we could have hidden behind our terms & conditions and simply applied these amendments by posting details upon our website, we have a true desire to be as transparent as possible in this matter, which has resulted in this email notification being sent to you.

Today’s announcement and price changes reflect the increasing cost of delivering the levels of customer services and technology demanded by our customers. We believe our business tariffs and telecom system rates are still amongst the most competitive in the industry and always take great pride in supporting our loyal customer base by providing significant value for money in comparison to other telecom providers.

Over the last 2 years, 4Com has invested over £1.5million in developing state of the art CRM systems helping to ensure that our customers receive the best possible services available in the business telecoms market.  In 2013, 4Com adopted a ‘first call response’ policy where our customer call answering targets are to pick up a call by a human voice in our UK call centre within five rings (10 seconds). Our aim is, where possible, that customers are dealt with first time without having to call back a second time.  The industry average call response time is in excess of 30 seconds with some of our competitor’s times being over three minutes or longer.

In the last year we have increased our Customer Service staff by a further 10% and now have over 45 telecom technicians and engineers based across the country installing, servicing and supporting customers telephone systems.

4Com are also one of the top 10 UK businesses to be recognised by the National Business Awards for Customer Focus and Service. The company is also ranked 12th, by the Sunday Times, within its ‘Top 100 Companies to Work For 2015’ – the highest ranked telecoms company in the UK.

Our investment in staff, services and technology, helps to ensure that customers receive the highest levels of service possible; our priority is to ensure our business telecommunication systems help to make our customers businesses a success.

Should you have any queries regarding the price changes or on 4Com’s services please contact us by either calling: 0333 014 3004 or email:

*Percentage increases in call and rental charges will vary from customer to customer depending on the relevant call tariffs and line rental agreements with 4Com Plc.

**International call rate charges will vary from country to country depending on the relevant call tariff agreements with 4Com Plc.