New Analogue Line & Broadband Bundle Package

It’s common knowledge that we are all consuming much more data now than ever before, a trend that is destined to increase year on year as more and more technologies come to rely on broadband connectivity. As we move into this era of unprecedented reliance and usage of high speed broadband, here at 4Com we’ve been looking at how we offer these services to our customers.

Until now, the majority of our customers have been provided broadband with a data allowance. Whilst well-intentioned, this sometimes caused customers to face additional charges when they went over this allowance; the standard rate being £1 per Gb. Clearly, this could become expensive.

Following a huge amount of customer feedback, 4Com are introducing a new unlimited* broadband package to each and every one of our customers, which will completely eradicate “over-usage” costs.

These long-awaited changes will come into effect on 1st July 2018 and are designed to provide our customers with a far clearer picture of their broadband costs, with fixed monthly pricing that is designed to allow for simpler budgeting. This automatic upgrade will not affect the price of your current SIP Trunks, but will add an additional £4.99 per month to your current broadband service, whilst your analogue telephone line(s) will now be £13.99 a month per line.

* unlimited broadband package applies to FTTC and ADSL2+ services only, and is subject to 4Com’s Fair Usage Policy, which can be found on our website at here.