4Com Foundation Charity Search 2022

How will 4Com be raising the money?

After having to pause our big events for the past 2 years, we’re delighted that the 4Com Foundation’s annual big event is returning! On 25th September 2022, we’ll be embarking on 4-25; a 25-mile hike across the challenging Purbeck Hills. Over 60 members of staff will be taking on the challenge and we expect to raise at least £30,000 which will go to a well-deserving, local cause.

What we’re looking for in our charity partner

The successful charity will show how the donated funds will be used in a specific project that will benefit a wide number of people in our region. We’re looking to be part of a legacy; in the same way that we have been with some of our previous winners; a play area at Linwood School, a holiday home with Amelia’s Rainbow, a new indoor play space with Diverse Abilities, portable changing and sensory equipment for Dorset Children’s Foundation, and the Hope AOK Rucksack Appeal for Hope Housing in Bournemouth.

Key Criteria

  • Funds to be used on a specific project, not a general fund
  • Local to 4Com geographically
  • Impacting many people rather than an individual
  • Legacy project; something that will stand the test of time
  • Include planning information such as costings/quotes

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