4Com Foundation Charity Search 2022

Please note that applications for our Charity Search 2022 are now closed. Thank you to those who submitted applications!

How will 4Com be raising the money?

After having to pause our big events for the past 2 years, we’re delighted that the 4Com Foundation’s annual big event is returning! On 25th September 2022, we’ll be embarking on 4-25; a 25-mile hike across the challenging Purbeck Hills. Over 60 members of staff will be taking on the challenge and we expect to raise at least £30,000 which will go to a well-deserving, local cause.

What we’re looking for in our charity partner

The successful charity will show how the donated funds will be used in a specific project that will benefit a wide number of people in our region. We’re looking to be part of a legacy; in the same way that we have been with some of our previous winners; a play area at Linwood School, a holiday home with Amelia’s Rainbow, a new indoor play space with Diverse Abilities, portable changing and sensory equipment for Dorset Children’s Foundation, and the Hope AOK Rucksack Appeal for Hope Housing in Bournemouth.

Key Criteria

  • Funds to be used on a specific project, not a general fund
  • Local to 4Com geographically
  • Impacting many people rather than an individual
  • Legacy project; something that will stand the test of time
  • Include planning information such as costings/quotes

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