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Measuring & Improving Business Performance with Telephony

As part of the GE Capital ‘Leading from the Middle’ initiative, 4Com Chairman & MD Daron Hutt was interviewed on a variety of subjects. In this latest video he explains how telecoms technologies will improve business performance. An insightful and interesting explanation, with examples and suggestions for SME’s.       

Phone Systems: Adding or Alleviating Stress?

It was interesting to read a report from the BBC explaining that stress was one of the main causes of sick leave in 2013, with an average of 5.3 sick days taken by employees at an approximate cost of £14bn to the UK economy.  Your business’ phone system may seem to be an unlikely cause … Continued

The Beginning of the End for Net Neutrality? AT&T Announces Plans for Sponsored Content

This week, much of the technology world’s focus is on the Consumer Electronics Show(CES) in Las Vegas where many leading firms are unveiling their new products or announcing their next move.  With the focus on CES, it’s understandable that AT&T’s sponsored content announcement has received little coverage, despite its far reaching implications. AT&T are proposing to allow … Continued