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Are your business utility costs continuing to escalate? Then get a quote from Utilities Made Simple, 4Com’s new Utilities Partner! They provide independent quotes from across the market for water, gas and electricity.

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Why Utilities Made Simple

We’ve partnered with UMS because they can offer a wide range of utilities solutions from across the market; they’re impartial, independent, and transparent, allowing them to find the most competitive rates available.

Their energy supplies also include 100% renewable options and they offer a range of contract choices, from 12 to 60 months, depending on your requirements.

UMS are also experts at helping companies seamlessly switch from their existing providers and have a track record of lowering their customers’ costs from what they are currently paying.

Business Electricity Contracts

Electricity has become one of the most rapidly rising costs for UK businesses in recent months, so there’s never been a better time for a second opinion.

UMS can check your tariff against what is currently available to see if you could save money on your energy bills. What’s more, they also offer packages from suppliers utilising green energy; a potential boost to your own carbon neutral goals.

Business Gas Contracts

If the cost of your company’s gas bill has been going up constantly over the past few months and years, then you are in the same situation as a lot of other UK businesses, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

As a business owner, you probably put changing your supplier on the back burner but doing so could be costing you money.

We know that it can be time consuming to look around, which is why UMS exists. They’ll look across the market to compare your rates to those of their suppliers to see if they can save you money.

Business Water Contracts

Did you know that a UK law was changed in 2017 which gave businesses greater choice when it came to their water supplier?

As with Gas and Electric rates, UMS is constantly assessing the market to find the best deals for their customers, which they can often deliver to you at wholesale prices. If you’re frustrated by an ever-increasing water bill, get a quote from UMS to see if they can lower the amount you’re paying.

Dedicated Account Management

UMS provides a single point of contact for all your utility requirements. Your account manager will keep you informed of changes in the available rates, helping your business to keep their bills as low as possible.

When the time comes to renew [it comes time to renew], they’ll conduct comprehensive cost and usage analysis on your utility bills, so that they can then find the best supplier for your needs.

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We know your phone system needs are unique, which is why we don’t pretend to know what matters most to you; we can’t wait for you to tell us! Rest assured that you’ll only hear from us; we won’t be sharing your data with any third parties (unless you have selected Business Utilities, in which case you will hear from our partner Utilities Made Simple).

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