Hosted/Cloud Phone Systems

A cloud telephony system essentially means that the network and routing elements of your business’ phone system are held offsite.  In our cloud system, offsite means that the “PBX” (physical branch exchange) which routes your calls and would normally be held in your office(s) is no longer required. Instead, the routing and organisation of your business phone system and it’s calls are taken care of by a series of switches held in a data centre; a facility which benefits from resilient connectivity, power and cooling systems. These facilities provide a more resilient platform thanks to the redundant (i.e. multiple power sources) setup they enjoy.

How does cloud telephony work?

From the perspective of the phone user, nothing really changes. You still make and receive calls in the same way you would with an onsite phone system, but it’s the way in which your calls are processed which is different.  Rather than calls being routed through your onsite PBX, they are instead routed directly to your phone, thanks to the switches held in our cloud system.

Cloud FAQs

What are the advantages of a cloud system?

Overall, cloud telephony systems tend to be more reliable (thanks to the failovers mentioned above) and more scalable than traditional onsite PBX systems.

Will I lose control of my phone system?

Quite the opposite. Thanks to the scalability and versatility of the cloud system we operate, you’ll find it easier than ever before to configure and operate your phone system.