How do I get a business phone number?

Before we can get things rolling, you’ll need to decide what kind of phone number will suit your business best. You’ll have two options: a local phone number or a non-geographic phone number.

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Samsung business phone call

Local Phone Numbers

A local phone number lets your customers know that you’re always there, just around the corner. It’s a fantastic way to establish your presence in a particular town or city, and an ideal option if your core customer base uses the same area code.

We can provide local numbers for expanding businesses too. If you have offices across the UK, we’ll be delighted to offer a range of local phone numbers for multiple locations.

Non-geographic phone numbers

Non-geographic phone numbers instantly create the impression that your business operates on a national scale. With no ties to one particular area, you’re likely to attract customers from all across the UK.

Non-geographic phone numbers are also a wise choice if you’re planning on relocating in the near future, or if you’d like to boost your business’ presence in areas outside of your main office.

Once you know what type of business phone number you require, just get in touch with our friendly 4Com team. We’ll sort everything out for you, and provide you with a new number when we install your new business phone system.

Can I keep my current business phone number if  I join 4Com?

If you’d like to keep your current business phone number, we can easily transfer this across. Don’t worry, you won’t miss any calls during the switch.  If you’d prefer to take a new phone number, either in addition to your current number or to replace it, we’d be happy to help.

If your business is relocating and you’re moving outside of the area that’s covered by your current telephone exchange, we can arrange for your old number to be redirected for an additional fee. 0800, 0845 and telemarketing numbers can easily be transferred to anywhere in the UK, however, for no extra cost.