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Mobile Phone Data Grows 70% in a Year: What’s Fuelling the Rise?

4Com Business mobilesA recent report from Ericsson noted that mobile phone data traffic has increased 70% globally over the past year.  Their report, which covered a 3 month period to the end of 2013, also found an increase of 15% over the previous 3 months, highlighting the sustained growth in the mobile industry.  As the report also found that there was only a 1.5% increase in subscriptions, this poses a question: what is driving the increase in demand for data?  The answer is intrinsically linked to the growth in flexible working; the programs we were predominantly running on desktops computers just a few years ago are now being run from mobile devices as people work whilst commuting, or from home.  With that in mind, here’s our view on the most data consuming uses for business mobiles:


E-mail is one of the most data-intensive applications we use on our mobile phones. The individual e-mails are certainly innocent enough, but when you consider the attachments frequently involved in many e-mail messages, you begin to understand where the data use can rise rapidly.


Did you know that the second biggest search engine in the world is YouTube? People are increasingly turning to YouTube for answers to all manner of queries, including tutorial videos.  At the same time, businesses are increasingly seeking to engage their customers via video, making YouTube all the more popular.

Video Conferencing

One of the fastest growing areas of business communications is video conferencing (such as Skype and Google+), which allows for a more personal conversation than would otherwise be the case.  Video conferencing has proven particularly useful in labour intensive industries where demonstrating a given issue helps to achieve a resolution more quickly.

What’s clear is that data usage on business mobiles is set to continue for a long time to come.  If your mobile contracts see you paying high rates on data, why not talk to us about business mobiles as part of our business phone systems package?  For more information please contact us.

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