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4 Marketing Tips for 2014

4Com Marketing TipsMarketing is one of the key business functions for any company.  With that in mind, we’ve turned to the Marketing team at 4Com for a few insights into what you should be doing to further your business’ reach in 2014.  If your marketing strategy needs a kick start then why not take a look at their suggested four actions for your business:


If you have a customer database within your business then this is going to be your most powerful marketing asset at your disposal.  The database will be full of people that have already bought into your brand/company either through a purchase or enquiry and this generates a level of trust above your competitors.  Selling to these people will be an easier process than trying to gain customers through advertising campaigns.

Quality data is such a valued asset amongst any business so do not let the quality slip. Make sure your database is regularly cleansed.  If you send direct mail to your customers make sure all of your addresses are complete.  Maybe SMS texting is your preferred method? Ensure your mobile numbers are formatted correctly.  It may be an onerous task but once completed you will reap the benefits.

Make use of YouTube

Did you know that YouTube is the second biggest search engine with over 1 billion unique visits per month!

More and more companies are utilising this platform to target customers.  Using video as part of your marketing activity will set you apart from your competition.  In an ever congested marketplace differentiating yourself could be key to getting yourself noticed.

Use content like customer testimonials, product reviews, charity work and general company news.  All of these will help generate a persona for your business and can be created easily and simply with a HD camera, tripod microphone and good lighting.  For example, take a look at the 4Com YouTube channel here.

Social Media

Social Media – things like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are great tools in your marketing activity.  Some companies have already adopted it, whereas others have yet to fully utilise the benefits it offers.  If you sell to consumers then Facebook would be best option.  If you sell to other businesses then take a look at LinkedIn.  LinkedIn recently announced that they have hit 15 million UK users.  Used correctly social media is a great way to talk with your client base and interact with customers.

Use your social media channels to talk about current hot topics in your industry or in the news, ask questions, and try to talk with people.  Competitions are a good way to reward followers or subscribers – it gives a reason to talk with you.

One of the biggest mistakes in social media is to use it just as a sale tool by constantly shouting about offers.  This might work in some cases but generally it is going to turn people off.

Promote your social media channels in everything you do – Building your followers or subscribers is important to your social success.

Is your website mobile ready?

A website that can be viewed using a desktop PC, mobile phone or tablet is an absolute must if you are to make the most of mobile-based traffic.   With people constantly on the go, mobile searching equates to a quarter of all internet traffic and statistics show that this is increasing month on month.

If your website is not set up for this, then ask the company who created your website?  They will be aware of ‘responsive design’ – ask them for their advice or ways to make sure you website is mobile friendly.

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