HiHi2: New Features

May 2020 sees the release of brand new features on HiHi2 including Night Mode, Visual Voicemail, and the launch of Mi4Com on your deskphone.

Night Mode

Night mode allows for the HiHi2 tablet screen to turn off when you are not in the office.

By default, the normal screen setting will be from 7AM until 8PM. Outside of these times, the screen will follow the ‘Sleep’ setting. Follow the instructions below to customise these settings as you require:

  • From the Home screen, swipe up to see all Apps
  • Tap on Settings
  • Tap on Display
  • Tap on Advanced to show more options
  • Tap on Working Hours
  • Use this menu to scroll through the times and select days when you’ll be in the office. It may be useful to set these times an hour before and after your working day
  • Press the back button when you’re happy with your selection
  • Tap on Sleep to adjust how long the tablet waits before locking the screen during Out of Hours

Night Mode has now been set.

New Visual Voicemail

Your HiHi2 voicemail has a new look!

All of your normal functionality remains and you’ll notice a few additional changes. ‘Delete’, ‘Mark as read’ and ‘Callback’ are now options underneath the player. If you wish to listen to your voicemails in private, simply pick up the handset and listen on the phone.

You can also swipe your messages to the right to mark as read, or to the left to delete.

Launch of Mi4Com

When you have received the update on your HiHi2, you may notice that your Home screen has reset to default. All your favourites will remain and you’ll see a new icon on the bar to the left of the Home screen. This is Mi4Com; the shortcut will take you straight to the login page.

Mi4Com is our new customer portal – the faster and easier way of communicating with us. Mi4Com will allow you to log and track your cases and requests with quicker response times and 24/7 access. You will easily be able to view FAQs and training videos, access your bills, and much more!