Work from Home with HiHi Connect

All HiHi2 users have access to the mobile app, HiHi Connect. This app allows you to use your mobile phone as an extension of your HiHi2, ensuring you are always ready to work remotely. When your HiHi2 deskphone rings, you can simply answer the call via the HiHi Connect app on your mobile, which also offers video calling functionality.

How do I download HiHi Connect?

The HiHi Connect app is available to download to your mobile via both the Google Play Store and App Store. Login details will only be provided to HiHi customers.

How do I receive my login credentials for HiHi Connect?

To ensure its security, HiHi Connect has unique login details for all users. The Support team will be happy to provide these for you. Alternatively, the main contact at your company can request login credentials for all users.

Can I access my HiHi voicemail using HiHi Connect?

Yes. To listen to voicemails on HiHi Connect, dial 555. You will then need to enter your 4-digit passcode followed by #. If you are unsure of your passcode, please contact the Support team at any time. Please note, depending on your internal extension numbering scheme, you may need to dial 55 or 5555.

Can I sign out of HiHi Connect?

Yes. You will need to access the Side Navigation panel by clicking the menu icon in the top-left corner. Simply press “Sign Out” and “Yes” to confirm. You can login again with your credentials at any time.

Will I be charged minutes from my personal mobile phone contract to make calls?

No. Please ensure you select the option to makes calls over “VoIP.” HiHi Connect is an extension of your HiHi deskphone, which is part of your company phone system.

Learn more about HiHi Connect and its features in the user guide, available to download here.