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They love it when a plan comes together: The 4Team Win the Gamma Ball Rally!

4Com’s entry into the 2016 Gamma Ball Rally, the 4-Team, emerged victorious, beating 26 other teams over the 3 day event. Led by Maintenance Director Adam Sullivan, aka Murdock, the 4 Team travelled from Folkestone to Frankfurt taking in various challenges along the way. The event, hosted by Gamma Telecom raises thousands for charity each year, with this year’s beneficiaries being Action Through Enterprise and Special Effect.

The 26 teams gathered near Folkestone for the first official event, which was supplied by Special Effect.  Special Effect use technology to enhance the quality of life of people with physical disabilities to boost their confidence, assist in their rehabilitation and promote inclusion.


Special Effect’s challenge saw Joe (aka BA) driving a virtual car using only his eyes. He said, “It was an amazing challenge which also showed the amazing work done by Special Effect. The impact technology like this can have on people’s lives is incredible, so it was good for us to get a deeper understanding of it.”

After a few other challenges the team set off for the channel tunnel, but encountered their first major problem: a blow-out. Undaunted, the team sprang into action to fit the replacement wheel, which was more of a problem than expected. Matt (aka Hannibal) explains, “The spare wheel was actually bigger than all of the other wheels, so we had to jack the van up even higher just to fit it on. The van was then a bit of a nightmare to drive, which is why we got a new tyre in France.”

An eventful first day saw the team finish in 8th, with high expectations for the rest of the event.

Day two saw the team driving from Brussels to Bonn, via the legendary Nürburgring. At the circuit the team took part in a number of events, ranging from pulling a Mercedes Sprinter van around a course, through to a blindfolded navigation challenge and of course a lap of the famous circuit. There was no doubt about the highlight of the second day, as Adam explained, “Driving around the Nürburgring was definitely the highlight. The track is spectacular in its scenery and just seeing all of the other cars on track was a great experience. At least one member of our team wasn’t happy about the high-speeds, but we all made it around in one piece!”

The team arrived in Bonn for an evening cruise along the river, where they found at that they had taken the lead with just 1 day to go.

Day three saw the team drive from Bonn to Frankfurt, mostly along the Rhine River whilst they took on a treasure hunt. Challenges ranged from the buying of local food to taking a selfie with as many people as possible. “The Marksburg Castle selfie challenge was good fun” explains Joe, “we had to get a picture with as many tourists as possible and we met a very helpful group of American tourists who seemed to love that we were a tribute to the A Team and were happy to get involved.”

Having completed as many of the challenges as they could, the team arrived at the luxurious Grand Hotel Kempinski for a Black Tie Gala Dinner at which they discovered they had emerged victorious.

Asked to reflect upon the event, Adam added, “It was a great few days, with countless great stories to tell from it.  Obviously were delighted to win, but everyone who took part has raised a fantastic amount for two very well-deserving causes. We’re looking forward to finding out just how much has been raised in the coming days.”

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