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4Com Donate £2317 to the Gurkha Welfare Trust


Here at 4Com we genuinely believe in making a difference, especially to causes that are close to our hearts. One such cause recently was the Gurkha Welfare Trust Disaster Relief Fund, which is working to support Nepalese Gurkhas in the aftermath of the 2 earthquakes. Our Accounts Assistant, Angela Gurung’s father was a Gurkha soldier and her family were directly impacted by the earthquakes.

If you’d like to support the Gurkha Welfare Trust please click here

After hearing of the earthquakes and Angela’s situation, numerous members of staff suggested that the company could get involved via the 4Com Foundation.

Dean Cartledge, who heads up the 4Com Foundation explained why working with the Gurkha Welfare Trust represented a change to the way the foundation usually operates, “The 4Com Foundation normally focuses upon UK causes where the funds go directly to the recipients rather than through an organisation. In this case though, as it was a personal matter for Ang, we decided that supporting the GWT was the best way for us to be involved and support those in need as a result of the earthquakes.

The GWT promptly became our Charity of the Month and at our monthly dress down Friday staff were particularly generous and raised £2317 to go towards their support efforts.

Karen England, GWT’s Director of Fundraising and Communications thanked 4Com for their fundraising efforts, “On behalf of everyone at The Gurkha Welfare Trust, I would like to thank the 4Com Foundation for its most generous gift towards our Earthquake Response Fund.  You will have seen the images of destruction in Nepal.  Huge swathes of the country north east of Kathmandu have been devastated;  these are the traditional recruitment lands of the Gurkhas and where The Gurkha Welfare Trust is based.  Entire villages have collapsed and with them, homes, schools, health posts, community centres.  From the initial relief work in the weeks immediately following the earthquakes where our staff handed out emergency tarpaulins, blankets, food and medicines, the Trust is now starting on the long rebuilding process.  The gift from the 4Com Foundation is a significant contribution towards this.”


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