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4Com’s Easter; What’s in an Egg?

This Easter, here at 4Com we provided every member of staff with an Easter egg, and a short note from our Chairman and MD, Daron Hutt thanking them for their efforts and wishing them an enjoyable Easter break.  On the surface of it, you might look at the giving of an Easter egg and think “it’s a nice gesture” or something similar, but the aim was something bigger.

Here at 4Com, we ask a lot of our team; our internal slogan of “excellence at everything” speaks to the quality we aim to deliver daily.  To achieve that aim, it’s important to both recognise effort and achievement and also to encourage breaks and rest. Times like the Easter break, with its two bank holidays provide a great opportunity for people to fully step away from their work and take a well-deserved break, which is why we used the opportunity to encourage them to do exactly that.

We felt that receiving a note from Daron encouraging people to enjoy their break, might mean more of our team take the opportunity to fully relax over the 4 days and we genuinely believe we’re better as a company when people are well rested than if we’re all constantly plugged into our work.

After his weekly stroll around the business yesterday, Daron told me that he had received lots of comments from the team – they had all felt encouraged to take a real break and recognised for their part in a successful start to the year.

This is the first in what will be a number of simple things we’re doing this year to ensure our team always feel like they have a true work-life balance.  We’d love to hear what your company does and we look forward to sharing more of our ideas in the very near future.

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