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Telephone Preference Service for Businesses

Last week, Middlesex businessman Richard Herman hit the headlines when it emerged that he had successfully claimed back the cost of his time from a cold calling firm that was ignoring his registration with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS).

His number was registered with the TPS which is operated by the Direct Marketing Association. Sadly, unscrupulous consumer marketing companies think they have developed a work around by using overseas call centres to make the initial phone call. But it seems that hadn’t reckoned on Mr Herman!

The TPS was originally set up to provide protection for consumers, but did you know that you can register your company phone number with the Corporate Telephone Preference Service?

This is a free service open to all UK businesses, you can elect to register all your phone numbers, or select which ones are protected and which are not.

At 4Com all our customers are automatically registered with the Corporate Telephone Preference Service and we also manage and maintain the annual renewals on our customer behalf.

You can read more about Richard Herman and his one man battle against cold callers here>>

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