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Saying Goodbye to Dubai: UAE Removed from World Traveller/Global Roaming Packages

The World Traveller Package has long been one of the best ways of keeping down the costs of calls, texts and data when travelling abroad. Recently however, our network provider has removed the United Arab Emirates (UAE) from their packages, which is significant as destinations such as Dubai remain incredibly popular for business and leisure trips alike. This blog looks at why the change has been made and what customers can do to avoid unexpected charges.

Why has UAE been removed?
There’s very little in the way of public statements from the network provider on this move, but it can at least partially be attributed to the “Roam Like Home” change which came into effect last year. That change in EU law will have cost mobile providers millions in revenue, so it’s somewhat predictable that they’d be looking at ways to recoup some of this money.

What can you do if you’re travelling there?
If you’re looking to access your bundled minutes, texts and data there is bad news: you can’t without paying the expensive roaming charges. We would encourage people visiting the UAE to purchase bolt-ons which can give you minutes and data to use without having to worry about additional charges.

To safeguard against an unexpected bill, we would also advise that you activate a Spending Cap and/or set up Usage Alerts so that you know exactly what you are spending. If you’re already a 4Com customer, please get in touch with our mobiles team and we’ll happily take care of this for you.

What countries are included in the network provider’s World Traveller/Global Roaming Package?
The countries which are still included, meaning that you can pay £5 a day for access to your bundles are:

Anguilla Canada Ecuador Indonesia Peru Suriname
Antigua and Barbuda Cayman Islands Egypt Israel Puerto Rico Thailand
Argentina Chile El Salvador Jamaica Qatar Trinidad and Tobago
Aruba China Ghana Japan Russia Turks and Caicos Islands
Australia Colombia Grenada Kenya Serbia Uruguay
Barbados Costa Rica Guatemala Lesotho Singapore USA and US Virgin Islands
Bermuda Curacao Guyana Mexico South Africa
Bonaire Democratic Republic of Congo Haiti Mozambique St. Kitts and Nevis
 Brazil Dominica Hong Kong New Zealand St. Lucia
British Virgin Islands Dominican Republic India Panama St. Vincent


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