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Has Apple just deleted your business?

This morning the world’s press is full of stories about the brand new iPhone 5. Just in case you missed it, an enterprising chap down in Australia called Todd Foot became the first owner after he camped out on the street for a couple of days to be first in the queue. Turns out he was really there to promote a mobile phone comparison site!

But the really important news from Apple is that, the chances are, your company no longer exists!

Up until Apple launched the latest mobile operating system – iOS6, their Maps app was powered by Google Maps. Being a Google product, it was taking all the key data from the Google network.So, if you had set up a Google+ account, or added your office location to Google Maps, then you would appear inside the app, for all your customers and visitors to find.

But with iOS6 they have replaced the app with their own, according to some bloggers the data is being pulled fromYelp (who knew that service still existed?) and with it, they have (in all probability) removed your company from an app installed on 48% of all smartphones used in the UK.

I have an example of the impact this change is having. On Wednesday of this week, the day that iOS6 was released, I made a trip to London for a series of meetings. I used the Map app (as powered by Google) to help me navigate the streets of London from various tube stops to my meetings. Every company I visited, along with the Olympia Exhbition Halls were on that Google based app. This morning, after installing the new iOS6, I checked again. Not one of those companies, nor the exhibition centre, could be found.

The chances are, that if you rely on visitors coming to your office, shop, factory etc, then they will no longer be able to find you via an iPhone.

Apple say “they are working on it” but they haven’t really explained what “it” is. As soon as we find out more, we will let you know.

In the meantime, if you want to reinstall Google Maps on your iPhone, then try this great app called Maps+ How to get Google Maps back

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