Does your business meet FSA guidelines?

For many businesses, particularly those regulated by the FSA (Financial Services Authority), it is compulsory to record telephone calls. Solicitors offices, IFAs and even Estate Agents are finding that they now need to be able to record and store all calls that might relate to financial advice or financial services.

In a busy working environment you idealy want the call recording to be automated and to then be able to store those calls securely, but have them fully searchable by caller phone number, Direct Dial In (DDI), extension number, date and time.

A call recoding system should also enable you to record all calls are saved in universal file formats so that they can be sent by email easily.

Another Success

Our customer’s view

“Voice recording has been fantastic. It’s really increased our efficiency and accuracy and it’s also saved us money. We use it mainly for customer queries. In the past, if a customer had a query, we would have to accept it was our error as we had no way of going back and tracking the call. Now we can actually see when a call was made and listen back to exactly what was said. That function has really saved us a lot of money. We also use it to find out when an order was first placed and to keep up to date with our customers so it’s improved our customer service.”

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